Friday, July 31, 2009

Happenings as of Late

Here are a few happenings as of late here in Colorado!

We went to Night at the Museum at the Movie in the Park...which was moved and ended up being Movie in the Street. We vote- move it back to the park! It was still fun but just not the same in the street.

Sienna, Jarad & Deahna watching intently!

Is Papa awake or asleep???

We also went to leave one day and found this in our front yard! GROSS!

Jarad picked it up and threw it away. Poor baby bird!

As many may know, Jarad is in the midst of training for a marathon that he is running on Labor Day. He is up to some pretty long runs and likes to have some company when he goes running. So, since I can't run that far, I bike! Last weekend, we decided to run/bike from our house to his parents house- 15.5 miles!

And we're off! We left out house very early as to try and beat the summer heat!

The first 5 miles weren't so bad, but then I started getting real tired! There were some hills and they were killing me! Luckily, this was my view along the way. It was pretty and relatively quiet on the roads, since it was so early in the morning.

Here is the man! Run, Forest, Run!!!

And here we are! We made it...barely! (Please excuse how disgusting we look!)

Friday, July 24, 2009

California Knows How to Party (Part 3)

My last night there, I got to watch the kids so David & Melanie could have a night off. They went to a movie, got dinner and even stayed at a hotel so they could sleep in just a little bit and relax without having to worry about the kiddos.

Shortly after they left for the evening, I packed the two kids in the car and headed to get some supplies for our night. We made a present for Jarad and surprises for David & Mel too. It was quite the adventure to take two little ones out shopping on my own! But we had fun and they were really good!

Audrey was excited to make a present for Uncle Jarad and loved painting in pink! How did she know that was Uncle Jarad's favorite color?!?! HA!

Here is the finished product! She added pom-poms, colored on top of the paint and even gave up some of her precious jewels!

This is the apron we made for Melanie. Sorry, no pictures of the kids whilst making the aprons. Somehow it was too difficult to get pictures while I was painting their hands/feet and trying to get them onto the apron nicely without getting paint all over their house!

David is obsessed with the kids toes, so this is the apron we made for him.

Projects done! (well mostly, I had to add finishing touches after the kids were in bed) Now it was time for baths, story time and getting the kids to bed. They were tired from all our hard work so they went right to sleep! Wish I could say the same for me! I did some picking up (we'd made quite the mess with our projects), packing to go home the next day and then I couldn't go to sleep because it was a little weird to be alone in the house. But alas, I finally slept for a little while before little Jordan decided that 6am was a good time to wake up! Good thing he's cute!

All week, little Jordan couldn't get enough of my phone or any other phone for that matter! He and I played and got ready for the day and waited for Audrey to wake up.

Good morning sleepy-head! She must have been worn out because she slept until 9!

Smiliest little boy you will ever meet! I love him SOOO much!

We had a great time playing while David & Mel were away but we were glad when they came home so we could show them our surprises!

I love going to visit the Cali-fam! Audrey, Melanie, David, Jordan & me.
Thanks for a fabulous trip and for everything you did for me while I was out there! I loved every minute of it! I think it needs to be a summer tradition for me to come out to visit. I love you all!!

I said goodbye to Mel & Jordan (didn't have to cry this time cause they are coming to CO in a few weeks and I get to see them again!) and David, Audrey & I headed back to the airport. Thanks for making the 2+ hour (each way) drive again David!

Had to get some lunch at the airport. Seriously?! $13 for a sandwich and a drink?! Airport food is a rip-off! At least it tasted good.

Back in Denver- thank you Southwest. And I was very excited to see my hubby- I missed him so much!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

California Knows How to Party (Part 2)

I had a few more relaxing days in Cali and fit in some fun around town as well. I of course had to try and take as many pics of the little ones as possible!

Jordan loves to climb into anything he can!

One seriously cute little man!

Finally! Audrey is looking at the camera when she says "cheeeessse!"

David & Mel have an awesome backyard with lots of plants, veggies and trees. Most of the time it was too hot to play out there much but we went out a few times and I had to try my hand at an artistic photo.

They have some awesome sunflowers in their backyard. This one was just amazing!

One morning, Melanie & I took the kids to a park nearby that has a water park- well a place with lots of sprinklers and stuff for kids to play in. It was really fun!

Me & the kids at the park (again, Audrey isn't looking at the camera!).

Jordan, Melanie & Audrey- so cute.

Audrey mostly just wanted to play on the HUGE playgrounds (yes plural) they had there instead of in the water.

Jordan & Mel- he would go into the water and then come running out and give you a big, wet hug!

Jordan & I- stylin' in our hats and sunglasses and yes, he is always eating! Little piggy!

Jordan & I played in the water a lot. It was actually really fun and he seemed to like it too.

Audrey sitting on her towel to go down the slide so she didn't get a bum-burn.

One day, David took me to work with him for a few hours. I'd never seen him in court or even been in court (thank goodness!) and wanted to see what it was all about. I got to see him in a sentence hearing and walk around the courthouse a lot and be in a room with lots of inmates. It was a little scary for me but not to worry, by big bro was always near by!

This is very serious business.

David in his office- he is very important, so he says. ;)
Thanks for taking me to see what you do! Love you!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Day at the Beach

One of my favorite places is the beach. You wouldn't know it since I've lived in a land-locked state for the past eight years, but every time I get the change to go, I jump on it! Lucky for me, while I was out in Cali, David was able to take a day off and was kind enough to indulge my desire to go to the beach and play in the ocean, while I was so close to it. So we headed to Pismo Beach!

After two+ hours of driving, we finally made it! We parked, pottied and then headed to a pier-side resteraunt to eat lunch.

I got the regular fish 'n chips. It was yummy!

David ordered this mega-seafood plate and he even had a little squid with lots of tentacles. GROSS!! Jordan didn't eat much, actually most of it ended up on the floor but he liked the ketchup!

After we were done with lunch, we took a walk out to the end of the pier and back. We saw lots of fishing and it was nice just to walk around after being in the car for so long.

Me on the pier. (I have no idea what I am doing with my face!)

Look who's stylin'! Have I said how much I love these two!!

Who's the man!- Jordan was so cute in his sunglasses and so happy all day!

David, Melanie, Audrey & Jordan- cute family photo on the pier.

"Can we go down there please?!"- Audrey was very excited to get in the water and play in the sand. She was done with the pier-walking.

So we headed back to the car, loaded up with our beach-gear and found a perfect spot to set up camp! Then it was on to the fun stuff- sandcastles, running in the ocean, trying to fly a kite, having snacks and just playing with the little ones!

Audrey couldn't wait to get in the ocean! David & Audrey running from the waves.

"I don't know about this..."-Jordan was a little wairy of the sand at first.

Audrey was a great big sister though and showed Jordan that the sand is tons of fun!

I DO like this sand stuff! Jordan spent alot of time digging and playing in the sand.

Audrey & Mel chillin on the blankets. Audrey need to get warmed up after being in the water.

Jordan loved going in the ocean! He would giggle everytime a little wave would come in and get his legs. It was so fun to play in the water with him.

Audrey & I built some mighty fine sand castles together, then she said, "TIMBER" and made them all fall down and mashed them to bits!

"I CAN SEE WHY AUNT MIMI LOVES THIS PLACE! IT ROCKS!!"- That's what Jordan was telling David.

Me & the beach- seriously one of my favorite places on earth!

I love you Jarad! We missed having you with us at the beach! :(

After seeing me "write letters" in the sand, Audrey wanted me to help her write her name too.

Melanie and I also tried to fly a kite but it just wasn't windy enough, so we had some snacks instead! It was quite the challenge to keep all the food from getting sand-filled with the little ones!

After a while, David was ready to go..."too much sand" apparently for his taste.

Jordan & I hanging out while David packed up our stuff. I love that little man!

While David packed the stuff into the car, we played on the playground close by.

Audrey loved the slide and kept asking, "one more time?!"

Melanie & Audrey enjoying the swings.

We had a great day at the beach and thanks to David & Melanie for such a great day!!

Thanks Pismo for a perfect day at the beach!