Thursday, April 26, 2012

Adventure to Addison- Part Two- Hospital Time

While our birthmom got checked-in and hooked up...

we are anxiously waiting!

Ready to go! Well to wait for labor to progress...the first few hours went alright but became painful.  Hello epidural!

Post-epidural, everyone was feeling good so let the games resume!

As it got late and we found out it was still going to be a bit, we all decided to try and get some sleep.

 Jarad slept sitting up at first while I laid down...

 Then Jarad got up and I (seriously I can sleep anywhere!) slept a bit more.

By about 4 am, it was GO TIME!!

I was an official leg-holder and Jarad was the designated photographer.  Because our birthmom is an astounding person, I was able to watch the birth of baby girl! It was emotional, miraculous and the most amazing experience I've gone through in my life!

 Welcome to the world baby girl! 6:54 am; 7 lbs. 10 oz.; 22 inches long

 Jarad did the honors of cutting the cord (yes, I'm a terrible photographer).

 As with our whole experience thus far, our blessing to be there for the birth of baby girl can not be put into words!

 A vaccination, a bath and she's perfect in every way!

 An angel! A few hours after she was born, we had the chance to be alone with baby girl in the nursery.

 These precious moments will forever be cherished in our memories.

 A very tired but love-struck Daddy!

After a while, the visitors came to see our birthmom and meet baby girl. Yes- she was still nameless at this point because Jar and I were torn between two names and were feeling the pressures of naming her!

 Birth-Grandpa had driven up and was able to stay most of the week.

 Birth Uncle, Aunt and cousins also drove in (like 6 hours) for the day! Then drove back home. True family dedication right there!

 The roommies- they were so sweet!

We went home later in the day to shower and clean up and finalized on our name decision.

 Addison Marie! She's the most adorable, now named baby girl.

 We spent lots of time with visitors as well as just us and our birthmom.  Addison got lots of time and love from her beautiful birthmom!

 On of our first family pictures taken in the hospital nursery the next day.

The day after Addison was born was placement day.

 Jarad and I after we had signed our paperwork and were waiting for placement.

 Birth grandparents, Addison, Birthmom and us after one of the most emotional, spiritual and memorable times- placement of Addison into our family.

 Our Birthmom "placing" Addison into our arms. We are eternally blessed by the miraculous and selflessness of adoption.

A short time later, Addison was discharged from the hospital and we were able to take her home for our first night together as a family of three.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Girl

Addison Marie
April 24, 2012
7lb 10oz
22 inches

Monday, April 23, 2012

Adventures to Addison- Part One

We've had a great adventure in becoming parents the past few years and the days prior to Addison's birth were no exception!

 Our birthmom wanted us and we wanted to be there for her delivery so we left two days prior to her due date of April 20th. We're on our way!

 Since we had left after work, we stayed in Glenwood Springs to get a good nights rest then got up and ready to hit the road!

We thoroughly enjoyed the drive and truly cherished our last times as just us!

 We belted our favorite jams- Jarad's "got the look!" HA! I just love him!

 Good-bye Colorado! Next time we see you, we'll be a family of 3!

 Hello Utah! We're on our way!

 We made a few scenic stops along the way and took some of our traditional self-portraits. 

After arriving, we spent a little time getting settled into our "home" for a few weeks.
 Jarad's Great Uncle Boyd was generous enough to let us stay in their part-time home while we were there. It was such a blessing not to have to stay in a hotel! And we had great views and fun walking paths to enjoy as well.

For the coming days before Addison's arrival, we spent alot of time with our birthmom and her mom.  We did a variety of things to pass the time...and to try and induce labor! (She was done being pregnant!)

 The girls all got pedicures hoping that some pressure points might be triggered. We had beautiful feet but no signs of labor.

 Every evening we went for a walk- some longer than others. We even tried "curb-walking" but again- some soreness on all of our parts but no labor.

 Jarad- 8 months; Birthmom- 9 months! Ha- he was hiding a little gift I made for our birthmom.

 A plethora of spicy food (mostly Mexican) was eaten! YUM! I loved it because Mexican is my favorite! More hot sauce please!

 We even caught a chick-flick- The Lucky One (Jarad- not so lucky since he was stuck with all women in a very girly movie!)

 Many hours and late nights of gaming and smack-talk also took place! Canasta, Hand-N-Foot, 5 Crowns, Qwirkle, Speed Solitaire...just to name a few! All of our love for games is just one of the things that make us all feel like family.

 A seascape puzzle was also purchased and completed.  Don't be fooled- I look like I'm being very helpful here but really I didn't do much in terms of really completing the puzzle. Jarad, birthmom and birth-grandma did the majority of the work!

Jarad tried to study a little everyday, which was a necessity since his finals were the week after baby girl arrived.

 We also did some sight-seeing (more walking and lots of stairs!). Saw the local outdoor amphitheatre and took some silly pictures.  We'd love to see a show there someday.

 Even with all the stairs- no labor yet. But we were having fun!

Out by where our place was, they had a really cool sidewalk chalk art show.

 Even though this piece wasn't quite finished, it was one of my favorites.

Visited a church historic site- Jacob Hamblin Home. Kind of hot and all getting tired!

After some Cafe Rio for lunch and amid some afternoon games- it was time!!!

Baby girl was on her way!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Egg-celent Easter!

We had a simple but very enjoyable Easter.  After attending church and celebrating the real reason for Easter, we were able to spend the rest of the day with our family.

A delicious dinner and then a family favorite (except Dad apparently who thinks we're all too old to for this Easter tradition!)~

 Dying Easter Eggs! Such a simple but fun tradition! Mom, Lori & Kev and Jar

 Dad entertained the cutest Easter bunny aka Reise while we colored eggs.

 Happy Easter my love!

Seriously?! This girl is so sweet and adorable!