Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Day Weekend

We had a fun and all too fast, Thanksgiving weekend with family!

Although our numbers were lower than usual this year, we still had quite the delicious feast!

 Jarad and Sienna putting finishing touches on the table.

 Lin and Deahna were the queens of the kitchen! (I asked for a picture and this is the side they chose!)

 Steve being "manly" and carving the turkey.

 I chatted it up with Grandma Pat while they finished things up.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm so thankful for my amazing husband! I love you!

 I'm also very grateful for my Sadie-dog (even when she does beg for turkey).

The table was extended so long with all the food that I had to do two sides for the pics.

 One end....

 to the other- covered in yumminess! We ate way too much this weekend!

A Morgan/Reddekopp tradition is Black Friday shopping.  This year was no exception- in fact- it may have been the longest one yet!

 Lin, Deahna and I did the majority of the shopping but Jarad joined us at one point.  We ended up being out shopping, eating and at one point, sleeping in the parking lot from 8 pm Thursday evening to 7 am Friday morning. WHOA! We had fun and got some great deals though.

Other than a lot of eating and shopping, we also did a TON of game playing.

 We introduced our new favorite card game (thanks Joe & Cara), RAGE. Deahna is deep in though about her next move and Jarad and Sienna are debating who's right or had the best move, which happened frequently.

 These two- pure trouble! Sienna always wanted to sit next to Jarad and he was more than obliged!

We helped a little with Christmas decorating and even got to see Grandma Pat again before we left.

 Jarad, Grandma Pat and myself in front of the family room tree.

As usual, our Sadie-dog got to play and romp around with her best pal, Zoe!

We're so grateful we were able to spend the holiday weekend with family and so THANKFUL for both of our families and all they do for us!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

She's Crafty...and so is He!

Lately, I've been feeling crafty (plus it is fun to do projects when Jar is gone to class).

I can't remember if I already posted this quilt- but I made it for my best friend's newest little girl, Lucy.

My craftiness also spread over into a project for my classroom- The Clubhouse.

I took a plain rubber tote...

And turned the lid into this...
(yeah- that is some hand-painted words!)

And turned the rest of it slowly...

layer by layer...

Into this!

My ward also had Super Saturday recently and so I made a few things. I made some chore and FHE dice (super cool but no pic, sorry!) and also this shadowbox-heart paper art.

I gave it to our newest niece, Reise along with the quilt that I made for her.

And again- another project for school. A lot of my ideas I've gotten from my new favorite website....PINTEREST!

 Rice Krispy pumpkins with a little Tootsie Roll :)

Jarad has also been crafty lately in the little bit of spare time that he has.

So he painted some new art for our bedroom.

Next projects- some Christmas presents for friends and family as well as some Quiet Book pages.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Army vs. Air Force

Our friend Joe is in the Army. And he and Cara got tickets to the Army vs. Air Force game and invited us to go. Not only were they so generous to give us tickets but they brought their stash of Army gear and FACE PAINT!

Once we got to the stadium, we had to get our A's on.

We all took turns painting each other up with some spectacular A magic! Jarad did mine and I did his. Cara fixed Joe up....

and Joe did hers too!

We're ready to go! (GO ARMY!)

It got a little bit chilly, we we had so much fun! Cheering, eating game food, etc.

 All snuggled up- the wind was cold!

Thanks Joe & Cara for taking us to the game- we love college football! [even if the Army lost :(]