Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Territory Days

Our first Memorial Day here, and we were properly introduced to Territory Days! It's an outdoor festival with tons of booths selling different things and LOTS of yummy fair/festival food. We walked around for a while, I bought some dip mixes, and then we got some lunch.

HOLY TURKEY LEG! I was a mess trying to eat this thing. But it was super tasty!

We went with our friends, Reid & Rebecca and their girls (we've been trying to spend lots of time with them because they are moving next month :( BOO!)

Kate just chillin' in her stroller- she was so content all day.

Genna got her face painted like an elephant- she was SO excited.

Jarad & I- we are a bit pink from the sun, a little dirty from the gusts of wind and tired from all the walking- but we had a lot of fun!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pretend Parents

We love kids- we want children- and can't wait to start our family!!

Sometimes we get the chance to babysit our friend's children, cousins or nieces/nephews and be, as we call it, "pretend parents" for an evening or a day.

For our friend Rebecca's birthday, we offered to babysit so they could go out for a nice dinner.

Jarad watching a show with both of the girls.

We also went to I-Top-It... (YUM!)

Me rocking Kate to sleep- don't mind my weird face, it was late- and my hair- yikes!

Then the next Saturday, we had the chance to spend the day with my cousin, Olivia, and take her to the zoo. We tried to let her do everything! And had a really fun day showing her all the animals.

She fed some giraffes...

Rode the carousel...

And rode a pony...

Became a tiger...

Rode the train...

And fed the birds!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

We spent a day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with our friends Reid & Rebecca and their girls. This zoo is the best zoo (next to the San Diego Zoo) that I've ever been to! It is so interactive and I love being able to get so close to the animals. We had a blast!

Jar and the giraffe- which you can feed at this zoo. They have the longest tongues- which Jarad didn't like so much when they were licking him.

I think giraffes are such amazing creatures! And Jarad says I am part giraffe because I have an abnormally long tongue. :)

But these beautiful birds are my all-time F.a.V.o.R.i.T.e! Such vibrant colors!

Can you see Genna and I squealing with excitement that it fanned out its feather and we were able to get so close to it!! Some day I will have a peacock inspired room in my house.

Help! I'm getting mauled by a bear!

Just kidding...cute pic of Jar & I

Genna feeding the birds- one of these birds also just flew onto Jarad's shoulder while we were in that exhibit.

Jarad and their baby Kate

Me & the hippo....see the resemblance?! ha!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sister Visit

My little sister came home to visit for a couple of weeks between her spring and summer semesters. We went shopping, hung out, watched movies, etc. I thought I had taken more pictures but apparently- and sadly- I didn't. I miss her SO much! Can't wait until she comes home again or I can go eastward to Nashville.

The few pictures I did take while she was here were at I-Top-It. It's a new frozen yogurt place close to our house that we L.O.V.E.!

Jarad & I

my sister Lindsey, and my brother Kevin & sis-in-law Lori

Thursday, May 5, 2011

if you haven't yet..


Add our blog button to your blog, or post our hopes to adopt in anyway you can! You can find the code to input into a widget/html on your blog on our side-bar.

If you want some pass-along cards, let us know- we'll put them in the mail to ya! Send us an email or post a comment with your information (I won't publish it).

Help us spread the word- you never know who may read your blog or who you may know! We're coming up on our 6 month mark of being approved to adopt and can't wait to welcome a little spirit and miracle into our family!

Thank you to all our family and friends who are spreading the word, saying endless prayers on our and our future child and birth mother's behalf and who show us such unconditional love and support!!!!

Reno Wedding Vacation

Jarad's sister got married this past weekend which was the perfect excuse to go on vacation! We spent 6 days in Reno and had a great time.

Saying bye to Sadie- thanks to Kev & Lori for doggy-sitting for us!
(sorry for the bad pic)

We stayed at Jar's sister, Janna's place which was great because we got to spend lots of time with the fam.

Jarad and two of his nieces- Aleah & Mya

Jarad dancin' with the girls to some Michael Jackson! Those girls have some serious moves!

Where ever we go on a trip, if possible, we love to go to the local temple. So, Friday morning we headed to the Reno temple to do a session. It is a smaller temple but still very beautiful!

The Reno Temple

Jarad & I after serving in the temple.

Friday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We helped put up some of the decorations for the reception and then on our way back for the rehearsal dinner at the Olive Garden, we passed and had to stop at the...

Chocolate Nugget! We got some chocolates and the most delicious taffy!

Saturday morning some of us went to get pedicures/manicures in preparation for the wedding.

Me getting my toes done- and Marina in the background.

Kayla & Ambar getting their toes done too.

Saturday afternoon was the wedding! The weather was great, everyone looked amazing and we're so happy for Janna & Devon!!

Aleah & Mya were the flower girls- so adorable!

Janna & Devon gettin' married! Congrats guys!

Jarad & I after the ceremony- now it's time to get the party started!

They had a candy bar- yummy! Jar's mom made cute little bags that the guests could put their candy in. Such a good idea!

There was also some good dancin'!

Much to Jarad's dismay....

There was also some good grub- Steve, Mya, Sienna and Lin chowin' down. :)

Our other niece- Sienna- so pretty!

The happy couple- Devon & Janna

Sunday we just relaxed and went to church. Then Monday, we went to a cool place for breakfast- Joe's Diner.

Jar & I (kinda looks like we're in a fish-bowl)

Ambar, Marina & Kayla

For lunch, we were able to go see some friends from when we lived in Utah that are now in medical school in Reno.

Alec, Tiffany & Reese and us- so good to see you guys!!

Monday evening, Devon & Janna came back from their short honeymoon and we all went up to Virginia City. It is an OLD town just outside of Reno.

Mya- ridin' cowboy!

Aleah- ride on!

We saw lots of old shops and even the sidewalks are wooden planks! They had some cool candy shops too.

Devon, Janna & the girls, Kayla and Jar (I was takin' the pic :))

On the way back, we stopped at look-out point and were able to see the whole Reno valley.

We climb up on this rock- Jar almost fell off and I was terrified!

Traditional self-portrait- just the two of us!

Sadly, Tuesday, we had to come back home to real life- but we had a great trip and are always happy to travel, especially to see family! Congratulations to Janna & Devon! And thanks for all the fun!