Monday, April 20, 2009

Knockin' It Out of the Park

Once it started getting nice, we decided to have a FHE at the batting cages. We went, we batted and then we went to Chipotle! We had a grand time and should definitely do it again!

Amy is basically a professional, since she plays on multiple softball teams.

Cole was also a big hitter...he too is on a softball team.

Maura is a champion because she came straight from work and even batted in her heels!

I was probably the worst out of everyone...but it's all good! I think it goes all the way back to when I got hit in the mouth by a ball (thanks Kev!) the day before t-ball pictures....I don't think my lip could have gotten any fatter!

And my all-star husband knockin' them out of the park!

(Sorry camera died before I could get an action shot of you!!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Colorado Easter

Jarad and I went home to Colorado over Easter weekend. It was very fun and busy! We were able to see both of our families.

We stayed at Jar's parents casa and just relaxed, ran around like crazy and celebrated Easter. One night while we were there, we went to Grandpa's Cafe (Jar's from a very small town!)

At Grandpa's Cafe, they serve all of their drinks in mason jars! It was actually pretty cool.

Jarad also had many staring contests with his neice Sienna while we were there. She pretty much won every time.

She would also ask Jarad to lock her in her dogs kennel! It was funny.

We also got to spend an afternoon/evening with my family. We met up with them in North Denver at a huge outdoor mall. We spent a bunch of time at Outdoor World, which is the biggest outdoor store I've ever been in!

Jarad LOVED all the dead animal parifinalia hanging on the walls!

My mom, me and my Dad after dinner at TGI Friday's.

Just me and my her!

My sister, Lindsey, and I trying out our cowboy style at Forever 21.

We tried to convince our parents to buy this sweet fish-bench to put in thier yard...they weren't buying it though.

It was a great trip and we love seeing and spending time with our families!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Another Neice

On April 3rd, my newest niece was born! Kate MacKenzie! She was super tiny but now a month later is getting bigger everyday! I love her and her parents so so so much!
I was a little sad when she was born, because I was sick at the time. So our first few visits, Jarad and I both wore masks so that we didn't get little Kate sick!

She is so adorable!

Me & my lovely surgical mask lookin down at Kate.

Myself, the proud Mom-Tarina and Kate

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wise at 5

So, I've got a bit of a cold and am very congested and don't sound like myself but I didn't think I sounded that bad. But apparently I do. Please note what I was told by a wise- five year old today at work.

Student: "Why does your voice sound so funny?"

I replied, "I am sick and sometimes our voices sound funny when we are sick."

His response: "You are suppose to talk like a girl not a boy!"

Thank you for that! Sick day tomorrow and hopefully by next week I will sound like a girl again!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gas Evacuation

This last Saturday, we were just hangin' out in our PJ's when we had a very loud knock on the door. I opened it to find a Questar Gas worker telling us there was a gas leak behind our building and that we needed to evacuate immediately. So we got dressed quickly, grabbed a few things (well actually quite a bit cause I had to be showered and dressed up before we'd be let back in- assuming our building didn't blow up!) and headed out to our car. Still puzzled on where to go, we caught our pals, Jason & Amy outside and decided to go get some food.

Our apt building with yellow caution tape all around it!

Dang Questar Gas truck!

Yeah for Crown Burger!

After Crown Burger fed our bellies, Jar & Jason went golfing and we, the girls, went to Brickyard and did some window shopping and just passed the time. We had called my pal, Tarina, to see if we could come shower and clean up at her place, but luckily we were called and were able to be let back in, in time to shower for the broadcast we were going to. Each of our apartments were checked to make sure there wasn't gas in them and then our furnace and water heater was turned back on by Questar. It was a crazy adventure!