Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hole in the Wall

Just after Christmas break, we noticed a leak in our kitchen ceiling and so started the drama! Maintenance guy comes...does not see a leak but proceeds to make a hole in the kitchen ceiling as well as in the bathroom. Maintenance guy says it is wet but he is not sure why so he patches part of the bathroom and says to call him when we see it leaking again. SO, of course, it leaks again a few days later and we can't get ahold of guy for hours. He finally comes back and then luckily a plumber gets called because guy doesn't know what he is doing and fixes the leak. However, holes and mess stay in our apt. Finally yesterday, apt manager calls different maintenance guy to come fix the holes and ceiling. He came by tonight to tell us what the plan is and says he can have it patched and completely fixed soon. It may take another day or two but at least the light is at the end of the tunnel!

This is the hole in the bathroom- it was bigger but that's what's there now.

And this is the kitchen ceiling...gross and discolored by the water.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Babies & My Girls

My dear friend, Geri is having a baby! However, she lives in Maryland...but was home for the holidays and so we (being my girls & I) had a baby shower! We had a great time chatting and having dinner (Thanks Chrissy for the yummy food!)

Not only is Geri preggo but so is another girly, Tarina! Aren't they the cutest pregnant ladies?!?!!

I made Geri a quilt as her gift. I hope baby likes it!

I found these adorable bootie candy holders at the party store! SO CUTE!

The Girlies...that were present :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saying Goodbye

We went to Cody, WY for my Grandfather's funeral. It was much harder than I expected. The services were nice as well as the military honors at the gravesite. I am glad that we were able to make the trip to support my Mom as well as my Grandma. If you want to see more funeral pictures, you can see them on Jarad's blog because he so kindly took some photos.

Counsin Jennifer, sister Linds & cousin Erica

Kevin & Lori

My brother David & I- he flew in from California and drove up to Wyoming with us.

Jarad & I (forgive the puffy eyes- crying will do that to you)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cinderella's Friends

Meet Gus (white one) and Jaq (black one)! These are the newest members of our family. My brother-in-law gave them to me for Christmas. Why? Well, the siblings on Jar's side do a gift exchange based on a theme and this years theme was favorite Disney movie. Although I don't have ONE favorite....I told him Cinderella. So long story short...we have two pet mice that Jarad dotes on!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

2008 is gone! That is just crazy to me!
Well, we sent it out in style! We got together with a couple of friends from our ward and had great food, tons of fun and awesome company! Rock Band was a big hit as well as a new game- Match Mate. We stayed up into the wee hours of the morning laughing and playing that game!

Jar- he should have been a rockstar!

Me rockin' the drums when we played Rock Band.

Alec & Tiffany- thanks for hosting guys!!!

Cole & Maura- cheers!

Jar & Me- Happy New Year!!

Our New Year's Card (we were a little late for Christmas this year)

Hope everyone had a great 2008 and here's to 2009!!!