Saturday, May 31, 2008

Aleah & Mya

Two of our neices were in town for the funeral. Although not a positive reason for a visit, we were so glad to see them and get to spend time with them. Aleah and Mya were so good through the whole weekend. It is so amazing how sweet, yet blunt and also close to the Spirit small children can be. It was a source of comfort for me to hear them ask about Grandma Alan and to tell him they love him as they sent their balloons up to heaven for him to catch. At the park where the family luncheon was held we took a few pictures of them playing. We can't wait to see them again. We love you girls!

Aleah swinging standing up.

Mya smiles as she comes down the slide.

They were being silly for Uncle Jarad while he took some pictures of them at Grandma Tangren's house!

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Funeral Day

Today was Alan's funeral. It was an extremely hard and emotional day. The funeral was held at the ward building in Heber and everyone who participated did a great job. I am especially proud of Jarad. He not only spoke during the funeral and did a great job but also dedicated the grave. It was a very touching prayer and I am so proud of him for his strength and courage. The procession from the church to the cemetery was unique. One of Alan & Angela's friends has a wagon and was asked to transport the casket in it. Alan's horse was also tied to the back of the wagon and Drew & Nathan rode their horses behind the wagon as well. It was very fitting for Alan and his love of the country, outdoors and horses.
I'm thankful that Jarad and I had each other through this whole difficult experience. It isn't something you would ever imagine having to go through so soon and I hope we don't have to go through again till we are much, much older. I am also so grateful for mine and Jarad's families. We are so lucky to have wonderful families that support and love us from near and far, immediate and extended! And I am also grateful for my girls and their love and support, especially Tarina for driving up to be there to support us. I am so lucky I have such a great support system, both in my families and friends.
There was also a family luncheon after the services which we really appreciate the ward for preparing for everyone. Angela had asked Jarad to take some pictures of the day. So here are a few of them.

One of the flower sprays adorned with Alan's hat.

His hand-made casket had his saddle on it surrounded by flowers.

Alan's horse, Banner was tied to the wagon to symbolize Alan's last ride.

One of Alan's friends, transported the casket in his wagon. It was a very neat procession.

We released a bunch of balloons into the sky for Grandpa Alan to catch and to help the little girls to have a part in his services.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Alan Lewis Reddekopp

One of Jarad's pictures of his Dad.

Saturday, May 24th, Alan Lewis Reddekopp, Jarad's Dad, passed away after a long battle with cancer. He taught us many things, but two stick out to Jarad and I- hard work and enduring to the end. Alan worked hard all his life, he even worked a full-day last Monday before being too ill. He has had health problems and struggles his whole life and never gave up or said he wanted to quit and we are grateful for those examples he showed us during his life. We will miss Alan very much but know that he is in a better place now. We are glad that he can be rid of his illness-stricken, earthly body and be free of the suffering he has endured. It makes us sad to know that Alan won't be around for the rest of our lives and to see and know our children and teach them how to ride horses and fish but we know we will see him again. We are so grateful to have the knowledge of the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation. It brings us such great peace and comfort. We love you Alan!

During the last week, Jarad and I spent alot of time up in Heber with Alan in his last few days and with Angela, Jar's step-Mom and Drew & Nathan (step-brothers). We love them very much and are grateful for their support of us and the closeness we've gained in our relationships with them. On Saturday afternoon, Jarad, Me, Drew and Nathan all were able to spend a little time doing one of Alan's favorite activities- riding the horses.

Jarad on Alan's horse, Banner.

Me, Nathan & Drew

Wrecked Wrist

For the last 6-8 weeks my middle finger on my right hand has been numb (and no, not from over use!). After checking with my primary doctor a few times, he suggested I see a hand surgeon. So, Tuesday, I did just that. Turns out, I probably have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! Basically...he thinks the tendons are inflamed causing pressure/damage to the nerve, which is what is causing the numbness. I have been directed to wear this lovely brace for a month (ugh), take ridiculous amounts of ibuprofen and have a nerve study done. I guess for the nerve study they will put needles (not excited in the least bit about that) in my arm and see how long it takes for the stimulus to reach from the top of my arm down to my finger tips. If my reaction is too slow, and/or the brace doesn't work, then I may end up having surgery this summer! (double ugh!)
Jarad has gotten a good laugh out of this development a few times in the week I've had it. Mainly I've become a wimp (the strength in my hand has significantly declined- I couldn't even open a box of graham crackers at work today!) and have issues with simple using the bathroom! Who knew a little brace would cause such problems! Anyway..I'll keep everyone updated on the progress and developments in the next month.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My New Goal!

So, I've rededicated myself to exercising! So far, I've done something (weights, walking, etc.) everyday this week. After making this re-dedication, my ball needed some more air, but after searching for the pump with no success, I reverted to just blowing it up myself. It wasn't going to well and Jarad just laughed at me and took my picture as I looked ridiculous with my face in the ball!

Where's that dang pump?!! Oh wait, I found it the next day! HA!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Heber Happenings!

This past weekend, we spent some time up in Heber again. Jarad's sisters were able to come into town to spend some time with their Dad- Alan and his family. Janna stayed with us and she & Jarad spent some time playing the Wii. On Saturday, we hung out in Heber doing different things. Jarad & I had stopped at the store up there, only to find some adorable baby goats! I started to take pictures outside the pen but the cute old guy who owns the goats told me to come on in and get some better pictures inside. :) They were between two weeks to two months old. SO CUTE! Anyway, we also took the chance while spending the evening at Alan & Angela's for some photos of course! It was a fun weekend all in all....we love spending time with family and are always excited when Jarad's sisters come to town!

Janna & Jarad racin' on the Wii.


Family Photo (sorry it's blurry...dang those timers!)
-Ash, Jar, Ambar, Nathan, Angela, Alan, Kayla, Janna & Drew!

Alan & Jarad

Siblings- Janna, Ambar, Jarad & Kayla!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bee'n & Wii'n

Thanks to our great friends Cole & Maura, we went to the Bee's game and enjoyed front row seats! It was beautiful weather and we enjoyed the ambiance of the ballpark. We even had very large Colosimo's hot dogs! After enjoying the game, we hit up our favorite shake place, Iceberg! Then back to our house for some Wii! Thanks Cole & Maura for a fun evening!

Gotta love front row seats...we saw the Bee alot.

Cole & Maura were very seriously about the Mario Kart racing!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wii-tastic Weekend!

Since Jarad graduated, some of our family was in town. While they were here, we were able to spend some time shopping, eating, going for a walk and playing Wii! (Jarad got a Wii for gradutaion! YEAH!!!)

Here are some photo's of our adventures!

MJ fed us a great dinner and we were so full we needed a walk.

Mom's first Wii experience...she played tennis at our house earlier in the day and wasn't too excited initially...

Jarad was very excited about the Wii!

Mom's second Wii you can tell, she is much more excited about it!

Jarad & Chris gear up for some Wii!

Tarina & Chris battling on the Wii.

Gotta have a girls photo! Tarina, Me & Lindsey

Jarad & happy!

The Fam- Dad, Mom, Lindsey & Me

Friday, May 2, 2008


That's's official! Jarad graduated Friday, May 2nd, 2008 from the University of Utah with his BA in Communications! I am so proud of him and all his hard work and dedication to accomlishing something so amazing! We had a great day with graduation. Family came in and we all headed to the Huntsman Center for the Commencement of the College of Humanities. We took some pre-graduated photos and then located some prime seating and waited for the excitement to begin. We wished they would have skipped all the awards of faculty, etc. etc. and just read the graduates names! But after a while it was finally time...and they read...JARAD ALLAN REDDEKOPP!!! Blow horns, whistles and screams boomed from our row in excitement and pride of Jarad. After the ceremonies were over, we of course took some more photos with everyone. Then Jarad and I treked to the bookstore for a free U of U medallion they gave to all graduates. Here are a few of the pictures we took!

Walking to the Huntsman Center...all ready to go!

And he's on the floor...ready to get his diploma! (well just the case really)

Here is the video of Jarad getting his diploma...sorry it's not the best...I've new at this video thing!

Jarad & Mom & Steve

Jarad & Alan & Angela

Jarad, Me, & my Mom & Dad

Later that night, we had a bar-b-qUe! It turned out great! Thanks to everyone who came and especially to our family for helping us plan and prepare all the food, etc.! Mnay of our friends, family, etc. were there to celebrate Jarad's accomplishment. I think good times were had by all! Below are some pictures from the BBQ.

Jarad chatting with Cole & Maura

Chad & Tara and Brian & Michelle

MJ, Tarina, my Mom and Chris

Jarad & his graduation cake :)

Jenn & Lindsey

Me & Tarina- twins seperated at birth!

Stansworth's in the background, and Aunt Joyce & Lin being crazy!

Nathan & Drew- Jarad's step-bro's...sorry Angela, I never got your picture!