Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

We were lucky enough to have our friends from up north come down for a visit! We went to pizza and just caught up and talked for a couple of hours.

Jarad & I at the pizza place- Borriello Brother's Pizza

Aaron & Diana~ so good to see you guys!!

Then for Easter, we hung out with some other friends from our ward. Thanks to Reid & Rebecca for inviting us over for dinner and Easter egg fun!

We brought Kate (their youngest) some bunny ears!

After a delicious dinner, we died Easter eggs- although it was meant for Genna- I think the adults enjoyed it the most. :)

Jar & I- crazy as usual!

Jarad making his creations.

I'm trying to do a double-sided dye job.

Genna was very excited and wanted to try lots of colors.

Reid- very focused on his eggs.

Rebecca and Kate

Two of our creations- my favorite was Jarad's Humpty Dumpty egg!

Jarad & I- we had so much fun!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Last Birthday

This year I had my last birthday! I turned 29 and truthfully, wasn't very excited about it. Oh well...another year older!

Two of my gal pals from work had their birthdays the same week as mine. So we all went out to the Melting Pot for dinner. It was delicious!!!

Lindsey & Amber (the other birthday girls!) enjoying some fondue goodness!

Megan & I- so full from all the yummyness!

We were also on spring break around our birthdays so...

we got birthday pedicures! One of my favorite indulgences.

Jarad and I decided to go away for the weekend of my birthday as well. We didn't have much time or $$ to spend so we went up into the mountains to Buena Vista, Colorado.

This is what we saw as we pulled up to the motel~

a deer! Buena Vista is the tiniest town in the middle of no-where!

Our motel was....well...lets say old school! It was clean and friendly but just a bit older. We arrived a little late and decided to just relax, play games, watch some TV and enjoy a night away.

Jar & I- getting ready to play games and chill for the night.

I even made some chocolate strawberries for a snack. YUM!!!

We woke up the next morning to...

Snow! Luckily it wasn't much and melted away pretty quickly.

We packed up and headed out to get some breakfast before our day's adventures. We found a local joint~

Bongo Billy's- and had some yummy breakfast burritos.

In planning our weekend away- we decided to book a trail ride! It was so much fun and the scenery was BEAUTIFUL! It turned out to be a sunny day, still a little chilly, but very nice and relaxing.

Self-portrait while riding (Jarad and I were at the end of the pack since we had the most riding experience.)

Jarad and our guide at the end of our ride.

After our ride, we headed to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and got some lunch.

We were so hungry!! And a tad sore and definitely ready to sit in the hot springs!

There were two huge hot springs pools as well as a river that the hot springs ran into. It was relaxing and super HOT!! But a perfect end to a quick, weekend get-away!

On my actual birthday-the 27th (also a Sunday), my family had us over for dinner (haystacks-super good!) and cake (thanks Lori!).

Kev & the YUMMMMY cake- chocolate with strawberries!

Thanks to my family and friends for such a great birthday!