Saturday, September 24, 2011

Air Force with Friends

Our friends Megan & Jason scored some free tickets to the Air Force Game and invited us to join them.  We always enjoy some college football and even better when it's FREE and with good FRIENDS!

 It was a beautiful, very warm, fall day .... perfect for some jumpers!

Stirring up a bit of patriotism with the flag.

 Jason & Megan- thanks for inviting us! (why must the men always make silly faces in pictures?)

Me & Jar- he really did have a good time- I don't know what the face is about! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5th Anniversary Weekend

Jarad and I just had our 5 year wedding anniversary.  In many ways, I feel like it has flown by and in other ways, I feel like we've been together forever.  We trade off years for who is responsible for planning the anniversary celebrations.  This was Jarad's year and he did an AMAZING job and we had the MOST WONDERFUL weekend.

 My first surprise was 5 dozen roses at home.

Then we packed up and hit the road.  Jarad hadn't told me where we were going so we drove and drove up the interstate and I would guess and Jarad wouldn't tell me where we were going.  Finally, we VAIL!

Jarad made reservations for the weekend at a beautiful lodge and it was a gorgeous room.
 This was our bedroom...

 The kitchen...fully stocked with dishes, etc. mind you...

 The living room- comfy couches and a fireplace.

 Another surprise for me when we got there- more roses and a bottle of wine-a gift from the lodge for our anniversary (which we traded for sparkling cider).

 We had a gorgeous view from our balcony- Vail was gorgeous all over- it was almost like we were transplated to a different world because of the old architecture and being surrounded by nature.

 We walked around Vail Villiage and took in the sights. In the middle of the villiage was this cool fountain. (P.S. Can you see the cobblestone streets?!)

 Our first evening, Jarad took me to a very FANCY resturant for dinner.  The food was amazing, the company even better and we enjoyed talking about the adventures of the past five years.

 The resturant was extraordinary and brought us extra special things to help us celebrate- including these sweet chocolate words along with our delectable peaches n' cream dessert (possibly one of the most amazing things I've ever eaten!).

The next day, we went back into the villiage and had breakfast at a crepery. YUM!

 Berries, nutella and chocolate crepe- YUMMY!

Then we went over to Lionhead's Villiage (other side of Vail) and explored.

 It was a little bit drizzly but we were still loving just spending time together.

 Jarad even met Einstein!

Because Vail was so beautiful, Jarad couldn't help himself...

 and took some spectacular pictures of the beauty we were surrounded by.

 Thankfully, the rain let up for a while- here we are!

And we decided to ride the gondola up to the top of the mountain.

 Once at the top, we headed out on a hike and the rain started back up just a bit.

 And Jarad was happy to see some fog.

 Wet and chilly, but loving the beauty around us and just being together. With Jarad back in school, we have limited time together during the weeks, so it was fantastic to spend a whole weekend together with no distractions.

 During our hike, Jarad ran up a huge hill to get his perfect picture and fell in a little hole and got soaked!

The rain didn't really let up once we got back, but we ventured out anyway.

 We did a little shopping (Jar got a beanie to keep his head warm and we got a magnet from Vail- tradition for wherever we go).

It also happened to be Oktoberfest while we were there, we we enjoyed some German tunes, people watching and some fresh-roasted corn.


What I call the packing peanuts sculpture.

 Another sculpture that Jarad thought was cool.

 Can I tell you how much fun we had?! And how much I L.o.V.e him?!

 Sunday morning, we went to check out the villiage farmer's market.

 And had the most amazing donuts for breakfast.

We were sad to leave the lodge, Vail and end our dazzling weekend celebration. But I have to thank Jarad for an astounding weekend and thank him even more for being a phenomenal husband and best friend. I love you babe!

Friday, September 16, 2011

5 Years

5 Years of Marriage

4 moves in 2 states

3 years of school (so far)

2 people in L.o.V.e!
1 Eternity with the best husband ever!



Yeah for 5 years!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Newest Niece

On September 15th, our newest niece joined our family!

Reise Leah 
7 lbs 4 oz
Congratulations Kev & Lori!!!

 We are so lucky that we live so close now and were able to go meet Reise just hours after she was born.  Unfortunately, I was sick so I had to wear a mask and you can not see my HUGE smile.

 Jarad loves holding Reise and seeing her so often really pulls at his desire to have a little one.

Reise is a beautiful and sweet baby girl and we are so glad she joined our family. We love you Reise!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Family Labor Day

We spend all of Labor Day with my family. 

First, we woke up early to see the balloon launch.  We met everyone- Grandma, Mom & Dad, and Kev & Lori down at the park and parked it for the launch. 

 It was early and a bit chilly!

 But  the view of all those balloons is spectacular.

 The gang- Dad, Me, Kev, Mom, Grandma and Lori (Jar took the pic).

 So many balloons touched down on the lake this year. There were a few that we thought were going to get stuck in the water.

Three generations- Mom, Me and Grandma Meister

After resting and getting cleaned up, we all crammed into Mom & Dad's mini-van and drove up to Cripple Creek.  It was a pretty drive up there and a fun afternoon.  Originally, it was Mom's idea but it wasn't what she envisioned. We had lunch, played some penny slots and looked around town.

 Kevin & Lori living it up before baby.

 Kevin even tried his hand at Blackjack.

We're smiling because we all came out ahead after playing the slots and had a great day spending time with family.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Best Labor Day Surprise!

I have the best husband and the best friend ever! They schemed, unbeknown to me, and Tarina & Chris and their two little girls made the long trek from Utah.  Arriving at 4am, and caught me so off guard and made me burst into tears (of happiness of course!). 

We had an amazing (all too short) weekend! Jarad and Chris spent some man time at the Air Force game and Wein (that's Tarina's nickname) and I played with the little ones and did some shopping.

Best friends- I'm so blessed to know and have Tarina in my life. She's been a strength to me and really is more like a sister! It seriously made my day/week/month for her to come visit!! I can not even explain how much I miss her!

 Sweet little Kate wasn't sure about shopping at first....

But she it didn't take long for this sweet girl to bring out her sweet smile.  

Part of my shock of them making such a road trip was the fact, that their second little one was only two weeks old. But I'm so glad that we got to meet sweet little Lucy! And we got in a lot of Lucy lovin'!

Sadie also was reunited with one of her besties! Kate L.o.V.e.D playing with Sadie and Sadie loved it almost as much!

That night we grilled up the salmon that Jarad brought back from Alaska.  Jarad is way sunburned from going to the game- Chris also got some sun!

After dinner Saturday night, we went to the balloon glow that's part of the annual Balloon Festival.

 Seriously love her! And miss her soooo much!

 We missed most of the balloon glow but they had a helicopter giving rides that Kate (and the boys!) loved watching take off and and land over and over.

 Kate wouldn't even leave Sadie's side when she was sleeping through watching Toy Story.

Jarad took some newborn pictures of Lucy- she pooped all over and it took a little while to get her to sleep but he got quite a few cute shots.

Later Sunday, we were able to show them a little bit of Colorado and took them to the Garden of the Gods.

 Amazing friends- Tarina & Chris, Kate and Lucy

Can you tell how happy we are?! We had an amazing weekend!

Sunday night, we went to my parent's house for dinner and since my family is Tarina's adopted (by love- not legally) family, they had to meet Lucy of course!

 Even Grandma got to meet Lucy!

 T & Chris, Kev & Lori and Jarad & I at Mom and Dad's

We were SOOO glad to see our friends and spend the weekend with them and meet Lucy! Can NOT wait to see them again soon!!!