Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Headed to Music City

My little sister is all grown up (although to me, she'll always be a little 12 yr. old!)...and headed off to graduate school in Nashville. I was lucky and got to drive her out there with our parents. It was an extremely long drive (over 20 hours!) but it was really fun to spend two days with my sisser and see help her move into her very first apartment.

Me, Lindsey and her pup Shelby just after leaving.

Mom & Dad drove the van and pulled a small U-Haul trailer full of stuff!

The first night- when we stopped in Kansas City, the van got a flat! Lucky for us, we found a Firestone that stayed open late for us and had one tire that was the right size.

After driving 10 hours you get a little crazy...not to mention the humidity and heat while Dad was putting the spare on the van! You can tell we are sisters- look at our tongues!

On our second day, we passed through St. Louis. Lindsey and I in front of the Mississippi.

And we just had to stop at the Arch!!!

Mom, Dad and I in front of the arch.

Just me...it was so humid- my hair was curling by the minute!

Lindsey and I had so much fun taking random pics by the arch.

We found out that Carl's Jr. is Hardee's out east...yum!

We made it to Tennessee!!

The skyline of downtown Nashville.

Once we got to her apartment and got things unloaded and started unpacking, we headed to a restaurant I saw on Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins.

The Athen's Family Restaurant- a Greek restaurant that I would recommend it to anyone!! YUM!

I had a meatball dish- they were SO good!

Lindsey had a Greek salad- I tried it too- also delicious!

Unfortunately, I had fly back very early the next morning to get back to work. But before I left, I imparted all the wisdom I could on how to live it up and party hard...I mean do well in school. Two days and 1200 miles later, I will always cherish the memories and fun times of the two days we got to spend as sissers on the road!

Friday, August 20, 2010

11 Mile Canyon Camping

11 Mile Canyon is beautiful! We went camping there with my brother and his wife and a few of their friends. We took Sadie along for her first camping trip and she loved it! We had hot dogs and s'mores and just enjoyed the campfire Friday night.

Lori was sitting on a camping chair that was being held together by one little thread and all of the sudden, she just fell through the chair!

Jarad and I LOVE to camp! Wish we had gone more this summer.

Sadie loved being out in the woods.

We had some visitors in our campsite in the morning.

Jarad took some cool pictures up in the canyon.

Sadie loved the river and even tried to jump in a time or two.

It was seriously so beautiful up there!

Kev- getting his fish on!

Lori & Bekah- just enjoying the river and some sun!

So cute- Kevin & Lori

Jarad, Sadie and I- I heart camping!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Digs

We moved into a condo that we had decided needed to be painted. The original plan was to do it before we moved in but with Jarad having surgery, that plan had to be changed a little. Lucky for us- my little brother Kevin and his wife Lori, my Dad, my sister and I were able to do some before and after Jarad's surgery and get it done after we moved in. It was a weird yellow color and we painted it a neutral tan/beige color.

Here I am painting our bathroom- don't judge my grossness- it was almost midnight when this picture was taken.

To thank my family for their help with painting and moving, we had them all over for a BBQ and pool party.

Love the fam!! Me, Jarad, Lindsey, Mom & Dad, Kevin & Lori

Our new place also has a pool, hot tub, tennis courts and clubhouse. We have been taking full advantage of the pool and hot tub.

Sissers- love her!

Lindsey, Me and Lori

So far we are liking our new place and the area- still getting to know where everything is but so far so good!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

See Ya Later Land of Love

We moved from the Land of Love. We were only there for just over a year but we made some great friends and loved being close to Jarad's family. We will miss everyone and the Land of Love but are excited to be close to my family and for a whole new set of adventures.

I wish I had more pictures from moving day, but between being in charge of the whole adventure (Jarad was out of commission just having had surgery 48 hrs previous) and a few minor complications, I didn't get to many shots taken.

Tim, Ashlee and Andee- Thanks for all your help and your friendship!!

Jarad & Aaron- we missed ya Robyn & Taylor- thanks to you too!

Alan, Lisa & Jorge- thanks for your help and we'll meet ya at the temple!

Deahna, Sienna, Lin & Steve and Ambar (not pictured- but who was there helping!)-thanks for all your help during our crazy transition! We love you!

Thanks again to all our friends and family who helped us on both ends of our move! We couldn't have done it without you!!