Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Meister Family Reunion

This past weekend, Jarad and I traveled to Cody, Wyoming to attend the Meister Family Reunion (my Mom's side). We left Thursday afternoon and arrived just after midnight. Friday morning, I got a pedicure and we picked up car seats for the little ones and headed to the airport to pick up my brother's family- David, Melanie, Audrey and Jordan. Mom, Dad, Kevin & Lori and Lindsey all arrived a few hours later. After everyone got settled we celebrated Audrey's birthday which was the day before.

David & Audrey- cheesing it up for the camera.

Audrey opening her presents...a play cash register and a purse full of goodies.

Friday night, there was a BBQ-style dinner at the Boot & Bottle for all the family. It was fun to see my Grandparents, most of my aunts and uncles, cousins and even great aunts/uncles.

Kevin & Lori at the Boot & Bottle

Melanie & David with Audrey and Jordan.

Me & Linds at the Boot & Bottle

Saturday morning, family pictures were scheduled. Yes...photos of Grandma & Grandpa as well as their 12 kids and their spouses and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It was quite an adventure and took a few hours to finish.

Jarad was keeping Audrey busy while we waited for our turn for pictures. Say cheese!

Jarad & I in our black pants and white shirts...the dress code for family pictures.

Some of my Grandma's siblings were there as well for the reunion. My Great-Aunt's & Uncles.

Saturday afternoon, there was a luncheon at the Cody Country Club. David, Kevin, Lindsey and I played our insturments for a while and I also played my harp. Although we only had a little practice time together we sounded pretty good! It was a yummy lunch and then there were a few presentations. The crowns for the King & Queen, a reading of a cool poem by my Uncle Tony as well as an amazing slideshow of pictures of my grandparents from childhood till now as well as all the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids that my Mom & Dad put together.

My Grandma & Grandpa- the King & Queen

Audrey & Melanie at the Country Club

The siblings...playing as a quartet.

My cousin Joey at the Country Club

After the luncheon and presentation, there was a private mass at my Aunt Angela's house (my Mom's family is all Catholic). Then we had dinner there and just hung out with all the family that had come for the reunion. We played with the cousins and there was even karaoke.

Kev & Lori keeping warm.

Lindsey trying to roast mallows on the wood-stove.

My Mom & Dad

David & Mel & Jordan

Jar & I hanging out.

Kevin & Audrey posing for the camera

Lindsey sang some wicked karaoke with the counsins...Alee & Erica

Kevin even hit up the karaoke for us! As did Lori but I didn't get a picture! :(

Aunt Geri, Aunt Berni, Mom & Uncle Jay chatting and catching up

Sunday morning, there was a breakfast for everyone and then my family went to the Cody cemetery, where my Dad's parents are buried.

Grandma Wilson's headstone

Grandpa Wilson's headstone

Jar & I at the cemetery- forgive the puffy eyes...it was an emotional morning.

Back at my Dad's sister's house (Ida & Gary), where we stayed all weekend, we took a family picture with all of us in our Meister Family Reunion shirts.

I love my family!!!

Sadly, Mom & Dad, Kevin & Lori and Lindsey had to leave Sunday afternoon to drive back to Colorado. So we said goodbye and the rest of us just hung out at my Aunt Ida's, took naps and then went up to say goodbye to everyone on my Mom's side.
David, Mel and the kids had to fly out early Monday morning. Jar & I took them to the airport.

Audrey's sleeping positions crack me up!

Audrey and Auntie Ida

Cutest baby Jordan!

After the airport, Jar & I cleaned up and packed up and hit the road home. We took a short-cut home (thanks Uncle Gary for the tip!) and I'd like to say it was a beautiful drive home, but it was all through rural Wyoming...blah!

But once we got back onto Utah soil, the mountains were beautiful!!! Many of the leaves are changing color and I snapped this photo as we drove.

One good thing about fall...the beautiful leaves!

Jarad was most excited to be done driving (since he drove the whole way!). Home again, home again.

It was a great trip and it was so nice to see all of my relatives and especially my immediate family. I love them so much and miss them and can't wait for Thanksgiving to see everyone again!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Part of the Reason I haven't posted in FOREVER!

Recently, my calling at church was changed. Previously I served as the secretary in Young Women's and then after four plus years, the old pres, Josie (love her!!) was getting released. So you guessed it! They asked me to be Young Women's president. At first I felt really overwhelmed with info and responsibility, but it has gotten progressively better. My counselors are great and the girls are awesome! So, because my new calling has kept my pretty busy...my blogging has been limited.
Anyway...here is a picture of one of my first activities as president. A Wacky shorts contest...each girl brought shorts or pants to cut off and then we had a pile of random stuff that they could use to add to their shorts and make them WACKY!!!

My girls in their WACKY shorts!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Anniversary Celebrations- Part 2

On our actual anniversary, I took Jar to one of our favorite places...Tsunami. Some of the best sushi ever! Since sushi is kind of expensive, we don't go often, so I thought it would be a special treat! I skipped the blindfold this time but made him promise to close his eyes till we got there. Jarad isn't a huge fan of surprises but humored me anyway and kept his eyes closed until we arrived. We ate some delicious sushi and even saved a little for lunch the next day.
After sushi, I took Jarad to Nielsen's Frozen Custard for his maiden voyage. I couldn't believe he'd never been! It's so yummy!
We had a great anniversary and can't believe we'd been married for two years already! Times flies when you are having fun!
Love you Jar!!

Roses on the actual anniversary.

Me & Jar and SUSHI!!!

Flowers from the Friday of camping.

Anniversary Celebrations- Part 1

This year was my turn to plan our anniversary. I looked and thought for weeks about what we should do and finally, with the help of a co-worker, I came up with a plan. I decided that I'd surprised Jarad and take him camping one more time before the fall/winter came. So I planned when and how I'd get the supplies ready without him knowing and found a campground. Friday the 12th, I sent him away in the morning then started packing up my car with all our camping gear. I didn't get in all in the morning so ended coming home on my lunch break to finish the packing. After work, I hit the store for food and then told Jar to be blindfolded when I got home.

After loading him in the car, I tried to take crazy ways to the canyon and luckily after a while Jar lost track of where we were and actually fell asleep. When we arrived at the Spruces campground in Big Cottonwood canyon, I had a note for the nice lady in the shack letting her know not to blow the surprise by talking to loud. She gave us a site and we drove up to it and then I told Jar he could take off his blindfold. He was very surprised! He thought we were heading into the mountains but had no idea that we would be staying the night.

Jar blindfolded and with my little note.

Yeah for camping!!!

We got everything set up and ended up driving back down the canyon to the 7-11 for a disposable camera because I had thought of everything but charging my battery! After returning we started a fire and got going on our dinner. We had steak tin-foil dinners and then peach cobbler for dessert along with some roasted starbursts...mmm!!!
Although warm by the fire, in our tent during the night it became very, very cold! But we stuck it out and snuggled up to get as much warmth as possible! Breakfast of eggs and sausage and hot cocoa got us warmed up in the morning and after getting warm and full we packed up.

Our very cold feet in the tent!

My cute husband taking down the tent.

A few miles more up the canyon is Silver Lake. Jar and I headed up there to do some fishing before heading home. It was really beautiful and we saw so many fish jumping. And although we had fun fixing our poles and spending time together, Jar was the only one who caught anything.

Me & Jar getting ready to fish!

Silver Lake

Just fishing.

Jar & his prize little fish!

Happy Anniversary

Our Wedding day- September 16th, 2006.

I love you Jarad! Happy 2nd Anniversary! Thanks for being a wonderful, supportive and understanding husband. I am so grateful for you and for the knowledge I have that we can be together forever!

*** more photo's of the surprises to come!***

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Utah State Fair

Monday evening, for FHE, we went to the Utah State Fair with some of our friends. It only cost $6 to get in and that included the free Chris Cagle (YEAH COUNTRY!!!) concert. After entering...we browsed and got our grandstand tickets then decided it was best to divide and conquer to get some grub and meet back at the grandstand for the concert. Jar & I found this awesome picture opportunity and couldn't pass it up!

Aren't we cute?!!

We continued on our hunt for fair food and got the following: hot dog, corn dog, elephant ear, water and Snowie!

Jar enjoying his snowie.

We then sat to eat and enjoy the concert.

Our pals, Jason & Amy & cute little Emi.

Jar& I at the concert.

After the concert was over, we decided to see some animals. There were all awake and some even eating.

They had a few pack goats...I thought their HUGE horns were cool.

The sheep were alright...baby sheep are much cuter.

Pigs..eatin'. They had an enormous pig (see Amy & Jason's blog) and even had some piglets.

Just before seeing the animals we continued to browse and Jar got some cotton candy and roasted almonds for us all to share. after the animals, I spotted this place...and was NOT enticed!

Yes, that says FRIED PB&J, Snickers, Twinkies & Oreos! SICK! Who eats that stuff?!

Our evening of fun was coming to a close and on our way out, we passed this sweet, all butter sculpture! I was enthralled! Isn't it cool???!

Just before leaving we had to get a picture of the crew- me & Jar, Amy & Jason with Emi sleepin' in the stroller, and Cole & Maura. Fun times!!!

Jar & I really enjoyed our night at the State Fair!