Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Comin' to Colorado

We decided on our next visit from our birthmom before we even left from our previous visit! She and her Mom came to see us in Colorado and see where we spend our lives right now and where baby girl would be living.

 I made them each a Colorado survival kit- warm socks and gloves, hot cocoa, water and chapstick.  And extra thanks to my parents for so graciously hosting our guests at their home.

We started the weekend out right....SHOPPIN'!

Lori & Reise, birthmom's mom, and birthmom and I hit up the outlet shops!
Lunch time with cute little Reise!
Nerd alert! Jarad, birthmom and b-mom's mom all playing on their iPhones.

Sadie is all ready to have a baby around- she took right to protecting Reise.
We introduced our birthmom to some of our good friends here in Colorado-

Birthmom, her Mom, Megs, Me, Lori & Cara

We also had the very special experience of having a 3D ultrasound.

Jar & I & birthmom- in the ultrasound room- it was so beautiful and had HUGE screen on one wall with chairs and couches so our families could be there but she could still be modest and comfortable.

We got to see baby girl move, yawn and wave hello. Such a precious experience! We even got to feel baby girl kick!

Slight bombardment is probably an understatement of what our birthmom experienced here in Colorado.
She also got to meet some of Jarad's family- who came down for the ultrasound and some delicious lunch at Rudy's.

We also were able to go see a Cirque du soleil show- the things those performers can do are amazing!

We tried to show her around and even took her for a short (she's pregnant and it was Feb in Colorado...brrr!) walk around the Garden of the Gods.

Family dinner and game time was a blast! We were able to skype/Facetime with my other siblings so she met the whole clan.

Such a blessed and fun-filled weekend! So glad we were able to spend time and continue to build our relationship and special bond with our amazing birthmom!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love's Day

Jarad and I had a low-key Valentine's Day.  But that's us! Kept it simple and just enjoyed having some time to spend together!

I brought us home some delicious Chinese take-out.

 I tried to make it somewhat romantic with candles

 ...and making our napkins into hearts!

 I'm lucky to be married to Jarad- just love him!!

We also went to the movies and saw Red Tails.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The House of the Lord

Jarad and I have been so blessed to be temple workers for the past 9 months.  We've learned a great deal, felt the amazing peace of the temple and enjoyed serving!

 In December, we got to see the temple natavity- it's beautiful! And even more beautiful at night- all lit up.

 Such a beautiful and serene place that has blessed our lives for eternity!

 Us at the temple- see how happy it makes us?!

Not our best self-portrait but we still love being at the temple!