Sunday, April 27, 2008

Preparing for Graduation

Jarad decided about two Sunday's ago that since his hair was SOOO long and shaggy he may need to start instating the side-part...not to worry, I veto-ed this idea but the shag was still there. Until...

Thursday, Jarad decided that his hair needed some TLC before graduation this coming week. So Amelia, another gal in young women's with me who cuts hair on the side, came over to tend to his mop. :) Jarad also decided to go high-style and added some low-lights to his hair. So here he is in all of his foiled glory!

Now it was time for the hair cut! And away Amelia went with the shears...trimming and snipping for quite some time because Jarad had so much hair! Just like any kid, he wasn't quite so sure about this haircut business!

And here is the finished product. A little messy still and not too short, but something a little more grown up as Jarad prepares to graduate and enter the real world. Isn't he so handsome???!!!

Ok, now you're scaring me!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Evening in the Park

Those in attendance- Me & Jar, Tarina & Chris, Sarah, Mellie, and Chrissy & Thayne

Jarad & Chris played some football while the BBQ was doin' its thing!

Melanie cooked us all quite the spread! Sarah sits checking out all the goods!

This evening, a few of our friends met at Liberty Park to have dinner and chat. Melanie, our gourmet chef, whipped up the best dinner! Chicken, pasta salad, asparagus, rolls, drinks, and a yummy raspberry cake with homemade whip cream! It was amazing as all of Mel's cooking is and it was fun to enjoy the park and the nice weather too. We played a little frisbee, football and sat around chatting about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Thanks for setting it up and cooking Mel! We had a great time! Nothing compares to a night with good friends and good food!

Preschool Friends

These are some of the kids I work with.

I have a great job! I really do enjoy what I do. Although working with deaf kids presents some challenges, as does their being 3-4 years old, they really are just adorable and fun to teach. All the hugs and laughs make up for the tantrums and potty-duty. :) Aren't they cute???!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thousands of Miles for a Hair Cut

Me & Geri- aren't we hot?!

I'd like to think Geri came thousands of miles to see me and fix my hair, which was in bad need of a color & cut, but really...I know that wasn't the only reason! Whatever her reason- I love when she comes to visit! It's so fun to catch up and hear about all of the Maryland adventures and happenings. And I love getting my hair done, so that is icing on the cake! Thanks Geri for the visit- can't wait till you come back again soon!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Resident Duck

Our resident duck...I couldn't find his friend.

Yes, that would be snow. :P

And yes, it really was April 15th!

So, recently we've realized we have a new resident in our apartment complex- Mr. Duck. According to others, he comes back every year and also has a friend. We've spotted the two of them a couple of times but when I went to capture their photo, only one of them available apprently for the photo shoot. So I shot his photo just before heading to work earlier this week. Then when I went to leave work, which is only about 3-4 miles from our apt., I walked outside to find that is was snowing! As you may have read previously, I am very done with the winter season particularily the white-stuff! I wonder how our new friend Mr. Duck feels about snow in April??!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Conference Visit

Sarah & Steph- enjoying the delicious conference breakfast!

CHrissy & Thayne- hostesses extraordinaire listening to Conference

Stephie- aka Dr. Rock & myself

Us & Stephie

Over Conference weekend, we had two visitors. Jarad's parents drove in from Colorado and we spent alot of time with them. Shuttling them downtown to attend Conference and spending time with them and Grandma & Grandpa Tangren too. Our other visitor was Ms. Stephanie Rock! Chrissy & Thayne hosted a Sunday morning conference breakfast! The food was delicious and the company was stellar! It is always fun to spend time with any or all of my girls! We're glad you came down Steph! Conference was amazing as usual and we always love to watch, listen and learn!

Utah Vs. BYU Gymnastics

Who rocks the house? I say the Utes rock the house and when the Utes rock the house, they rock it all the way down!!!

Our pals Cole & Maura :)

Us :)

Do you even have to ask who won???!!! The Red Rock Utes did of course!! Thanks for Tarina & Chris for hooking us up with the tickets! And thanks to Cole & Maura for coming with us. We tried out a new resturant called Stella right by our house before the meet and hit up Mindy's(???name?)- a shake joint in Sugarhouse. We always have fun at the gymnastic meets especially listening to Jarad share is abundant knowledge of it (he was a gymnastic in his youth). However, at this gymnastics meet I realized something sad...Jarad doesn't even know the U's fight song! I knew it in college and still know it three years after graduation! So...I guess now it is my duty to teach Jar in the next three weeks before he graduates! All I have to say....I am a Utah-man sir! GO UTES!!!

My Birthday

This was a note that Jar left on my mirror for my birthday.

And the roses Jar gave me.

March 27th was my 26th birthday. It was a good day- fairly normal, but good. I am lucky to have great family and friends who contacted me wishing me Happy Birthday. Jarad also got me 26 roses, one for each year old I am...just like my Dad used to do when I was a little girl.
Tarina & Chris were kind enough to make me a birthday dinner and have me over to spend most of the evening with them since Jarad had to work late. (email me some pixs Wein and I will add them to this post.)

Thanks to everyone for my gifts and for all the calls and texts. It made my birthday special. Love you all!

Our Spring Break

Here's Jar- chillin' while we waited for the fam to arrive at Red Lobster for dinner.

My Mom & Dad!

Here is Kev & Lori.

Here's Lindsey and her boyfriend Taft.

We met up with my family and went to dinner at Red Lobster. We celebrated my birthday and Easter and just chatted and enjoyed being together. We love and miss them so much!! (Me, Dad, Lindsey, Jarad, Mom, Lori & Kevin)

We also got to go out to dinner with Ben & Krista at Red Robin and catch up with them. We love you guys!

We also were tagged by the Pumpkin-man while we were there. It has been passed back and forth between Jarad and one of his buddies since before his mission. They give it to each other decorated for whatever holiday and a treat of some sort and it is pretty funny. Don't worry, we didn't have to bring it home...we retagged the Hunt's with a Happy Spring flower-pumpkin before we left.

While we were there, Jar's family was nice enough to take us to Cinzetti's to celebrate my birthday. We went for brunch and it was delicios! Breakfast and lunch at a great Italian joint. We filled up on crepes and all sorts of other yummy foods. His family got me the best birthday present- A SEWING MACHINE!!! They also gave me some of the necessary supplies to get started sewing!

The night before Easter we spent the evening dying eggs. It was fun to do it with our niece, Sienna. Here is Sienna & Jarad posing for the camera.

Deahna (Sienna's mom) & Sienna having fun dying eggs.

Sienna had a few days of school while we were there and every week I think it is, her teacher writes a little newsletter to send home and spotlights two kids a week. This is the newsletter she got the week we were there. WE LOVE YOU SIENNA!!!

Jar & I had tons of fun at home!!

Easter Sunday- all ready for church in our Sunday best.

Being crazy as usual...

Here is Miss Sienna in her pretty Easter dress & her new Easter bunny!

For my birthday, Kayla made me a cake! She is an amazing cake decorater. Thanks Kayla!!!

Over spring break, Jarad and I decided to fly home to Colorado to spend time with family. We had a great time and miss our families so much! We stayed with Jarad's parents in Berthoud but were able to spend an evening with my family as well. While in Berthoud, we got to sleep in, hang out, go hot-tubbing, go shopping, see friends and enjoy Easter with the family. We also saw the play Savior of the World in Greeley which a few of the surrounding stakes were putting on.

An Early Birthday Gift

This is a picture of my new camera.

Isn't he cute??!!

For my birthday, my sweet husband gave me a new camera! And I love it!! It takes great pictures and even records little movies. Here is my first picture I took with my camera. :)