Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Skatin' & Bowlin'

Here are some cute photos of Audrey and Jordan.

Audrey got to go ice skating with Lindsey one day and loved it!

She looked so small out on the ice and loved when Lindsey carried her around on the ice.

Jordan loved playing with cars and learned alot of new words while he was here too. SO CUTE!

Then towards the end of our holidays together, we all went bowling (except the little ones, they stayed home with a babysitter).

Jarad and I

Dad and Jarad got sweet bowling shoes!

We are all ready to bowl! Lets see who really has skillz! Turns out Mom and Dad were the best bowlers overall.

Kev & Lori- Out of the siblings, Kevin inherited all the bowling skills in the family.

David & Mel- they were pretty good bowlers too!

Lindsey & I- we may not have inherited the bowling skills but we sure are cute!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sibling Fun

We had the chance to go out as siblings a few times over the holiday. We went to Itz which is an arcade/game/fun center for adults. It was awesome! We also went to see the movie Sherlock Holmes.

We started the night finding out how strong we were! Jarad was the strongest!

Lori & Mel getting their Dance Dance Revolution on!

The boys- Kev & David- shooting away.

Lindsey & I getting our dance on!

Lindsey had great balance on the skateboard.

David & Mel spent time jammin' on DDR as well! Mel even had to take off her sweater!

Jarad & I had alot of fun.

The crew with some of our tickets. Kev & Lori accumulated the most and even got some trinkets and candy with them.

When we went to the movies...

Lindsey got a pickle in a bag. It was even a spicy pickle and was stinking up the whole place!

We really enjoyed the movie and loved spending time with the sibs even more!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

Yes, our family opens presents on Christmas Eve and for little ones, Santa brings a few more things for Christmas morning.

Since I've already posted a ton about Christmas, here is just a slew of pictures without too many captions!

Lindsey "The Elf" and Audrey

Audrey loved presents!

Jarad and I

Jarad got some good Wii games.

Jordan would open one present then just want to play with instead of opening more gifts.

We went together on our parents gifts this year. We got Mom a Kindle (can you tell how excited she is?!) and Dad a new gun.

Some of the fam...

More of the family enjoying their gifts.

Audrey pulling everything out of her stocking! Aunt Lindsey made her cute hat for her!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Visit from the Man in the Red Suit

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Santa this year!

If you will notice who doesn't have a picture with Santa, you will figure out who was Santa's helper!

Audrey absolutely loved Santa and just kept talking and talking to him! She told him everything she wanted and that she had been a very good girl this year.

Jordan was a little shy with Santa but loved that he gave him some cars! He later sat on

Everyone got a chance to sit on Santa's lap.

Papa (Dad) even told Santa what he wanted for Christmas.

Santa was funny and was cracking alot of jokes with Nana (Mom).

Melanie and Santa

David got a special treat from Santa's bag.

Lori LOVED sitting on Santa's lap. We think Santa has a thing for her!

Santa asked Lindsey if she wanted someone special for Christmas.

Jarad had some good laughs with Santa too.

It was pretty fun to have Santa come and visit us!

Hangin' Out & Music Practice

It was so nice to spend over a week with my family celebrating the holidays and just enjoying each others company.

Little Jordan loves shoes. He loves his shoes, his Dad's shoes, and even Papa's shoes!

Lori & Kevin- are those meatballs in your mouth Kev?!

Jarad and Melanie (and others) spent lots of time doing puzzles.

This is the first one they did- pretty cool!

Lori did some crafts with Audrey. Whenever Audrey wanted to play, Lori was the first person she'd ask to come play with her.

Dad and Lindsey relaxing on the couch.

David & his kids- Audrey and Jordan...say CHEESE!!

We also practiced our insturments together a bit because we made a recording for Grandma as her Christmas gift.

David, Linds & Me

Kev playing the cello.

Baking Day

We had a baking day as a family just before Christmas to get plenty of treats ready to munch on for the week!

Audrey helped me make the dough and wanted to just eat sugar!

We all cut out a ton of sugar cookies! Here's Jar & Lindsey.

Kev took a nap most of the baking time!

Mom and Lori also made kolochies (sp?!). They are a cream cheese cookies that you fill with apricot, raisin, or date fillings. The apricot filling is really good!

Here is the cutting crew...Me, Jar, Audrey and Lindsey.

The next day we frosted the sugar cookies.

Audrey loved to use ALOT of frosting! And to eat some too!

Jar, Lori & Linds working hard!

Lori & Kev (he did wake up to frost a few cookies!) and Mel

Jar did some gerat art work on the cookies.

Here is some of our finished product.

Here are some of the adult decorated cookies. They were tasty!

Here are Audrey's cookies...they were also very tasty!