Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time at Home & Memorial Day

After getting back from our travels, we were able to enjoy being at home and celebrating Addison and spending time with friends and family.

The school I worked for, threw us a wonderful baby shower!
They were more than generous and Addison made out like a bandit!
Thank you to my co-workers and friends (especially Sue, Megan, Rachel and Beth and Cindy!)
It was great to have some down-time as a family.  We took lots of pictures of this sweet face!
We also did a little finishing work on the nursery (post to come on the finished nursery). 
Addison occupied most of our time because we just can't get enough of her!
Daddy had to go back to work, but we made some visits to see him.
Our ward has been so wonderful and we have so many great friends! Two of which (Cara & Susan), threw us a spectacularly adorable shower. (p.s. Susan made this cupcake stand! loves!)
Addison was held the whole night and just got loved on by everyone. A few people said it, and I whole-heartedly agree, that all showers should be post baby so everyone can meet the baby!
Yeah he does! And so does Mommy!!
Addi got her first "tub" bath too. She shirked from the water at first but then thoroughly enjoyed it!
Memorial Day we decided to do something fun and get out for the day. So... we went to the ZOO! Kev, Lori & Reise and Joe & Cara joined in on the fun.
And they're off! You've never heard of zebra racing?! HA! These two are ridiculous when they get together.
Joe & Cara feeding the giraffes. Eek- the long, slimy tongue!
Reise wasn't sure about getting too close to them.
We had alot of fun...
And the little princess mostly slept (probably because she wasn't feeling well- post to come about her being sicky).

After the zoo, we had a fun BBQ at the parentals. SO YUM!

Lori made a delicious dessert too! No better way to spend the day than with family and great friends!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

1 Month

8 lbs 4.5 oz
22 inches

 And cute as can be!!

 Addison's one month pictures were a bit delayed because of her RSV and she was still on oxygen but we decided that we'd take them anyway because that's what was happening when she was that old.

Sweet, sleepy little angel.

 You have learned how to smile!

 Visiting Daddy at work

Hi sleepy-head!
You are 4-5 hours at night already and eat like a champ (usually about 2-3 oz).

We are so in love with you and are so grateful you came to our family!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Nashville Ya'll

Ya'll ever been to Tennessee?! Naw? Then ya'll should go! We did!

My baby sister got married! I know many, including myself still have her as a 12 year old in my mind but she's a grown lady and found a stellar fellar. This is a dual post of both pre-wedding festivities as well as our fun trip to Nashville and the wedding!

 Festivities started with us decorating Mom's house up and having a "Bite with the Bride" shower for Lindsey.
Aunt Lindsey- the bride! Addison even wore her Auntie loves me onesie.
It was a girl party!!  Now the girls outnumber the boys in the family but only by one!
The whole family helped in setting up the cultural hall at the church for their pre-wedding open house here in Colorado.

I wasn't too much help but I did baby duty! Addison in the carrier and Reise on my hip.
It turned out well and the love birds loved it!

Can not believe my little sister is getting married! Love her!

Addison and I at the Colorado reception.

In the midst of the wedding-ness, we also were lucky enough to have a baby shower for Addi.
Somehow I didn't get any pictures except of the massive loot that Addison scored! We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends! More than one friend traveled over an hour or more just to be there for the shower!

 I was also blessed enough to have my first Mother's Day and we even were home to go to Addison's first sacrament meeting.

After a few days of rest, we were off to Nashville!

 Traveling with a 3 week old was actually much easier than anticipated. And we were super popular! Everyone wanted to see Addison and ask about her.

 Thank heavens for our wonderful carrier and diaper bag that can also be a backpack! I would have never made it through the airports, not to mention the rest of the trip.

 Addison really was the best traveler! She was so mellow and slept and was just a perfect little angel on the flight.

After arriving in TN, Addison finally was able to meet her other cousins and Uncle David & Aunt Melanie.

 Audrey wanted to hold her and be around here the whole weekend! I think she is glad that she finally has cousins and that they are girls, since she only has brothers.

 Hi cute Tanner-boy! He is always so happy and we loved playing with him all weekend.

 Jarad took the wedding photos and did a great job.  These are a few of the pre-shoot shots.

 Such a gorgeous bride!

 They're married ya'll!

Dan & Lindsey- such a cute couple! They were married in the Nashville Temple and although it is smaller, it was beautiful!

 All the siblings! David, Lindsey, Kevin and I- all married now!

Lindsey and I outside the temple.

 Addison & Jarad after we picked her up at the church across the street from the temple where some sweet sisters from a ward there watched the kids during the sealing.

Once again, the reception was beautiful! Simple and elegant decor and beautiful flowers!
They also had a ring ceremony, which was one of the first I'd been to, and/or involved in. It was really tender and a little bit sappy! ;)

I was her matron of honor! (P.S. "matron" makes me sound so old!)

 Mommy & Me

 Audrey was the flower girl and Jordan the ring-bearer.  They were so funny all during the reception! Eating, dancing and posing for lots of fun pictures.

 Jarad was pretty busy taking pictures but we snuck in a family picture.

The Bride & Addi- sorry fellas, this beauty is now a married lady!

 Jarad captured a great cake-shoving shot! Ha! They had a tiny cake and LOTS of cupcakes- yum!

We danced, ate cotton-candy amongst a lot of other yummy treats and had a blast! The time came for the bride & groom to leave- cue the sparklers!

Although Lindsey & Dan were gone honeymooning, the rest of the family had a day to play!

 Cousin love! Tanner & Reise were crawling around the hotel and playing.

 We all went to visit a historic site in Nashville, The Hermitage, which is also called The Andrew Jackson Center.

 The museums were cool and the grounds were beautiful! So green and lush and big old shade trees.

 Family pic outside on the grounds.

 Tanner is lovin' riding on Daddy's shoulders!

Audrey & Reise pose for an adorable shot!  Audrey is sporting the headset that we all wore to listen to the audio tour.

 We took a break out on the lawn and the kids all wanted to sit up in the tree. Here's the fire-cracker Jordan!

 Afterwards, we looked up a local BBQ place (so much yummy BBQ there!)- Jack's! David, Mel and the kids left before we took this shot.

 The gang hit up the hotel pool too- Kevin & Reise

 Addi & Daddy- she didn't actually go in the water cause it was pretty cold!

The next morning, we got up early and went with Mom & Dad to the Loveless Cafe- a long-time landmark in Nashville as well. 

 We also got some more cousin time in! I just love these kids!!

It was so fun to see the CA-Fam and have them meet and spend time with Addison. 
 We had the afternoon before our flight home, so we hit up the Country Music Hall of Fame.

 It was HUGE and interesting and fun just to spend the afternoon together.

And Addi was an angel baby as usual!

 Another local BBQ joint- it's a fast-food BBQ place! So yummy still!

Tennessee BBQ is serious business- you can't just have one or two sauces!

We had a very fun trip, Addison- per usual- traveled like a gem and got lots of lovin' from all, and we are so happy for Lindsey & Dan!!!