Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkins & Cookies

Every year we carve pumpkins and make sugar cookies. This year we got to do it with my little brother Kevin, his wife Lori and her sister Bekah. We took a fieldtrip to the store to get pumpkins and some snacks then got down to business!

Gotta gut the pumpkins!

Traditional self-portrait with Jarad making a crazy-face!

Jarad is a speed-carver...he is always the first one done. Look at that focus!

Kevin bought a pumpkin carving saw- but it was kind of a bust- not enough power!


Bekah, Kevin and I (knife in hand) working along...

Lori & Bekah working on the cookies. SO YUMMY!!

Jarad's Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin

My Sadie you see a resemblence???

Sadie loved the company but didn't like the pumpkin we gave her to taste.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rock 'N Roll Halloween

Some couples from our ward threw a FANTASTIC Rock 'N Roll Halloween party. Costumes were a must! Normally, we arne't big costume people, but we figured...go big or stay home! So Jarad and I thrifted and splurged on a few must-have items. And here is what we came up with...

Meet Cyndi Lauper!


SLASH! (and yes...the pants are more awesome in person!)

Some of the ladies did a dance to Lady Gaga's Bad was superb!

Jarad and I were able to meet alot of new people and really had alot of fun. And everyone went all out on their costumes!

They even booked a DJ for the evening...

So of course I had to get my dance on! (Jarad joined for a few songs too.)

We even did a bit of limbo-ing! I found that I wasn't as limber as I used to be!

The DJ played some Guns & Roses so Slash and his pals rocked out!

The whole night was so much fun!
(if anyone needs a good costume...let us know!)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

31st Day of Birth

Jarad had his birthday- he's officially in his 30's now.

We celebrated while his family was down for the air show at Red Robin. Jarad was embarrassed but we don't care- we like seeing his face turn red. :) Which wasn't all from embarrassed- he got sunburned at the air show too.

Then we celebrated on his actual birthday- Oct. 6th- with my family. We did cake and presents at our place.

The birthday boy and the pup.

Happy Birthday babe!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Air Show

Jarad's family came to visit and we went to an Air Show. We got there early (way earlier than we needed to!) and set up our chairs right on the front line of the tarmac.

We're here!

The day was a gift that Steve got for his birthday.

We got some delicious kettle corn to start our bad-for-you/tastes-so-good eating for the day.

There were so many cool planes.

In the few hours (I told you were got there way to early!) before the air show started, we walked around looking at different airplanes, getting/winning free stuff from different booths, getting free 5-minute massages and get even more tasty treats!

I got to sit in a helicopter- there were a gazillion buttons everywhere!

FRIES! Could my mouth be open any wider?! They were so tasty!

Sienna even got some custom made dog-tags.

Although it was a little windy and chilly- we had such a blast!

The show started with jumpers from the Air Force.

There were lots of cool older planes...

And very loud and fast newer planes.

Jarad and his fam- Steve, Lin, Deahna and Sienna. Such a fun day!!