Sunday, July 10, 2011

California- Annual Tradition

As per our annual tradition, I was able to go to California for about a week. I love my annual trip and getting to spend so much time with my brother, sis-in-law and niece and nephews. This time around was extra fun because they just had another sweet, baby boy.

My flight was uneventful, caught the shuttle from LA to B-town, and finally arrived....ready to play!

The weather was VERY warm so we spent some time in the pool to cool off.

They also have fruit trees and so we enjoyed some delicious peaches during our pool time.

Jordan got a little chilly so came to sit with me and wanted to take silly pictures together.

Audrey was a fish and swam and swam.

Introducing the newest nephew- Tanner- loved all the snuggle time with this precious one!

One day, I took the big kids to the movies. We saw Rio- which was very cute!

Kids are all strapped in and ready to roll...which we did in style in the minivan. ha!

After the movie, the kids wanted to dress up and play.

Introducing....Batgirl! Who loves popcorn. :)

And coming to the rescue....Robin!

Over the weekend, Jarad and Mom & Dad (Nana & Papa to the kids) came to visit as well and be there for little Tanner's baby blessing.

Tanner & I- he's so small and adorable!

Melanie & Audrey- reading a new princess book from Nana & Papa.

Jarad getting in some Tanner-time and Audrey joining in too.

Audrey loves to take pictures- and I just love her!

Mom & Dad stayed at a hotel that had a sweet pool. And since it was SO hot, we all hit the pool!

Pepert (Mel's Dad- who also came in for the blessing) and Audrey

David, Jordan and Jarad- coolin' down

Mom and Melanie hung out with Tanner on the patio.

Jar & I- definitely enjoyed cooling down in the HOTness.

Since it was also 4th of July weekend, we had to do some fireworks. We actually ended up doing them multiple nights- soooo many sparklers!

Mom & Audrey drawing shapes.

Jordan was a little nervous at first but got right into it.

OF COURSE.....I had to do some sparklers!

Tanner's special day was wonderful! David gave him a tender blessing and Tanner looked like a perfect little man!

Audrey had requested curly hair like Aunt Mimi (me) so I curled her hair for church. It was a bit difficult because her hair is so short, but it turned out very cute.

Nana, Papa & the grandkids

Jarad & I after church

The kidlets- Audrey, Jordan & Tanner


Papa & Tanner- so sleepy!

Jarad lovin' on Tanner- such a happy baby!

Another night (or two!) of sparklers and fireworks....4th of July weekend- never enough fireworks!

Jordan sat with me for the fireworks show- he didn't like how loud they were but loved how they looked!

Audrey was a social butterfly with all the kids around and loved posing for the camera.

David (with a few of the neighborhood men) put on a great show. I learned that if you set the fireworks on a ladder- it is easier to see everything. Great job bro!

Mel, Audrey & Tanner in the rocker watching the pyrotechnics!

I had a fabulous time in California- loved just spending time with family, cooking, playing, swimming, and loving on my three favorite little people!!

My Audrey girl-

Cutest Jordan man-

And the newest addition- little Tanner! I could kiss him all day!

Thanks to David & Melanie for a great trip!