Friday, December 31, 2010


We've had hardly any snow so far this winter! A fact, that actually makes me quite happy. Not because I dislike snow, I just REALLY dislike driving in it. But just before New Years we had a "big" storm and got about 4 inches at the most.

Sadie wasn't so sure about the white stuff since she hasn't seen it in a while.

Jarad got sent home from work early and took to shoveling the walk (ours and the little old lady across the way too).

Sadie and I played for just a few minutes outside before coming in because it was extremely COLD!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Celebrations

We went up to Jarad's parent's house for Christmas weekend! We ate, played lots of Hand & Foot, opened presents, chatted for hours and wished we could have stayed longer.

Sadie loves going to visit because she gets to see her cousin, Zoe!

These two run around the house and yard like banshees and then crash!

Christmas Eve- we hung out and opened one present- the tradition.

Christmas morning, we got up and opened stockings first.

Us- in our PJ's and Christmas morning glory.

Sadie got a few things for Christmas, including her favorite Snuasages!

She also got a new coat- so cute!

Jarad got a Superman Snuggie for Christmas- and he uses it on a regular basis. :)

Sienna had SO many presents that when it was her turn, she had to open at least 3!

Sadie & Zoe in their new shirts beggin' for treats.

Christmas Day was relaxing and enjoyable- just spending time with family and trying out new toys.

Dressed up for Church the day after Christmas.

Although it was a short weekend and a quiet Christmas- we loved every minute of it!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pre-Christmas Eve

Since we would be gone for Christmas, we had a pre-Christmas Eve with my family before we left to open presents and celebrate!

The Fam- Kev & Lori, Dad & Mom, Linds and Jar & I (missed David, Mel & kids!)

Merry Christmas Eve my love!

Kev & Lori- got some rad gifts- even a Wii!

Me & Linds (who got the most beautiful picture of Christ by Mark Mabry)- she is usually the elf in charge of passing out presents.

Fun evening with the family! And thank you to all of them, especially Mom & Dad for a fun evening and all the wonderful gifts.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Real Meaning of Christmas

This is an adorable video that reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas. May everyone have a wonderful and very, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Proud Parents

For Sadie's birthday in September, we enrolled her in a Puppy Education class at the local Petsmart. We've been dutifully taking her to class every week and trying to work with her on her training between classes. And now, our little pup is all grown up! Not really...she has a long way to go still, but she made great improvements and learned to be more obedient.

Last week she officially graduated her puppy class! She was able to do all of her commands and she got a fancy certificate-

And got to wear a cap for the photo-op!

Great job Sadie! (Little does she know that for Christmas she may just get enrolled in the intermediate class!)

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Real Live Tree

The yearly tradition of getting a tree continues! Because we are new to the area, I googled a tree lot and we took a chance and lucked out! They had some great trees to pick from and were very reasonably priced.

Jar & I all bundled up to go pick out our tree!

We always get a Noble Fir tree and this year, the first tree we saw was our winner!

Jarad lets me have the final say (mostly because I'm a lot pickier) on which tree we end up with.

We saw this tree and laughed because it was just so fluffy!

I made Jarad stick his head in there for fun! He's such a good sport. :)

Jarad did his husbandly duties and brought the tree inside and secured it in our tree stand.

Here's our tree..

before the lights and ornaments.


All dressed up!
(Don't worry- the picture makes our tree look like it's leaning but it is just the angle of my camera.)

Now on to convincing Jarad that we should leave it up all year!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life is...

a journey! And we've recently (well, that word is relative...) embarked on a new adventure in our journey. After three years of unsuccessfully trying to start our family (that's the short version- if you want detials, just ask- we'll share), Jarad and I are hoping to start our family through adoption!! We are very excited and very hopeful that a brave birthmother will choose us and give us the most precious, selfless gift.

We are going through LDS Family Services and started our paperwork in April and recieved our final approval about two weeks ago. Here is the link to our profile on the website.

We also had some pass-along cards printed (which Jarad so wonderfully designed himself!). Here's a preview...

The front...

The back...

We'll be sending them out to pretty much everyone we know! (if you'd like some just comment with your address and we'll make sure you get them) A high percentage (like 60%+)of adoptions happen through what seem like random connections but aren't random at all and are really the Lord's way of blessing families.

We also made a blog button-

You can add it to your blog by inserting the code found on the sidebar into an html widget. (Another way to spread the word that we're hoping to adopt.)

We are thankful for adoption and for how wonderful and supportive our families and friends have been so far in this adventure.