Saturday, February 21, 2009

Things To Do

Jar and I realized today that we aren't very creative when it comes to thinking of things to do on the weekend. With both of us "just" working (no school- YEAH!), we have most of our weekends free to do fun things together or with our pals but almost every weekend we seem to say to each other, "What should we do?" Then we talk about the usual things we've already done and end up doing mostly nothin. Anyway...if you have an idea or ideas that you'd like to do and would like to share with us....PLEASE DO!

I'm starting a list and we're gonna do something every weekend. The only catch is they can't be too expensive....because, well....we are cheap people! Thanks in advance for you creativeness!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Relaxin' Eve

Jar and I had a relaxing and low key Valentine's this year. We actually celebrated the night before because we babysat one of the cutest babies we know! ( I made Jar's favorite dinner- BBQ chicken, rice and corn and got cheesecake and strawberries for dessert. After dinner we went and saw a chick-flick. It was pretty good. And that wraps up our chill valentine's celebrations!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This week I have gained great respect to those who live life with one hand! Monday, I had my first and hopefully last surgery! I had a carpel tunnel release on my right hand, where they take out a ligament in your wrist to relieve the pressure on the nerve. This will hopefully be a permanent fix to my wrecked wrist (you can go to the archives in May &June 08 for my wrecked wrist history)
I asked Jarad to take "a few" pictures of my experience but he turned into the paparazzi!

After checking in, they took my vitals to make sure I was healthy enough to have surgery. They had a cool thermometer that rolls over your forehead to get your temp.

Jar was very supportive and tried to keep me calm as I was very nervous for my first surgery.

Then I had to change into my sweet hospital gown and pee in a cup. Don't you love my outfit?!

Jarad's Mom- Lin, is in town for the week so she kept Jarad company while I was in surgery.

I also had to have an IV and of course a wrist band so I didn't get lost.

They even had sterile pens with which they wrote on my arm so they made sure to operate on the right side.

Surgery went well and quickly. I remember being rolled away to the OR and then given some oxygen and meds and I don't remember anything after that!

Here I am still sleeping post surgery. Apparently the Dr and anesthesiologist came and asked me questions that I responded to but I don't remember! According to Jar, I also requested cran-raspberry juice which I don't remembered either!

I also got a bunch of OREOs to eat as well.

One cool side note- my gown had this place to attach a warming hose that blew into my gown to keep me warm!

Here I am all ready to go home! Had my ice packs, juice, post-op instructions and prescription for some good pain meds. Now the recovery and waiting begins.