Sunday, June 24, 2012

2 Months

10 lbs. 1 oz. - 17%
24 inches - 96%
Head circumference - 40.25 inches - 94% 

Such a beautiful girl! 

You've really gotten the smiling thing down! You should see our camera roll- it's pictures of you making all sorts of faces until we capture the smile!

 We spent quite a few afternoons at the pool. You love the water and always take a really good nap afterwards.

 Happy as usual and so stinkin' cute in your swimmie!

 We celebrated Daddy's first Father's Day this month too.  You're lucky to have such a fantastic father!

 At your two month check-up you had to get some vaccinations. 

 The oral one you loved cause it tasted like sugar, but the pokes in your legs made you cry! (and almost made Mommy cry too!)

 You're a brave little girl!

You're getting stronger and can hold your head up by yourself for a short while. 

You are also starting to really  make cooing/talking noises. You have a sweet and adorable little voice.
We love you!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Check back through this years posts (January and February specifically) for some fun updates!

Friday, June 8, 2012

RSV= Really Scary Virus

Okay, that's not what it really stands for but it was a really scare couple of days for us!  The day after Memorial Day, I took Addison into the pediatrician because she just didn't seem like herself and had been coughing the majority of the weekend.  After taking one look at her (well one look- a.k.a. temp, heart rate, oxygen levels, etc.), the doc told me to take her directly to the hospital. Not like, you should probably go, but go now- do not pass go, do not collect $100- go NOW

I started sobbing (seriously...I couldn't control it- one of the scariest moments thus far in my life!) in the office and then on the phone when I called Jarad and my mom. Then I packed up and ran home (had to have Addison's paperwork) and then straight to the hospital where she was directly admitted to the children's unit.

 The poor girl was so dehydrated that the only place they could get an IV in was on the side of her head (that was after multiple tries in her arms, legs and the other side of her head).

Jarad met us in front of the hospital and went home later to get some things for us to stay the night.

 Poor baby girl was much sicker than we thought but the hospital was great and we were able to stay with Addi around the clock. Jarad left only to go to work. After running a myriad of tests, she tested positive for RSV.

 Addison's birthmom was very sweet and sent some beautiful flowers for her.

 Sleeping arrangements were a bit unconventional... Jarad slept on the couch (well he tried) and I actually slept in the hospital bed with Addison. Please forgive my appearance- it was a rough couple of days.

 My wonderful parents, who came to the hospital as soon as Addison was admitted and stayed most of the evening, also brought us dinner and this was my fortune.  And how true it was and is! Our amazing family and friends said lots of prayers, calls/texts, etc. on Addison's behalf and some visited us too. We're truly blessed!

Poor girl had a chest x-ray, multiple blood draws, an EKG, her IV, oxygen, power suction, anti-biotics, and lots of blood pressure and temperature checks.  She barely had time to sleep with all this going on!

 But, sweet baby girl rebounded quickly and was able to go home just over 48 hours (worst two nights sleep in the hospital ever!) later. She was still on anti-biotics, oxygen and had multiple check-ups schedule already.

 A respiratory company brought over this giant tank for her to be hooked to at home and a few more small tanks for when we needed to go somewhere.

 We didn't go anywhere really though.  Sadie, Addi and I spent lots of time at home resting and recuperating.

Although she had been under the weather, our sweetie was quickly getting back to her happy self and her beautiful smiles!

She was over the oxygen tubes on her face and just under two weeks later, she was rid of them.

Much better! As the doctor said, the only accessory she needs now is her bow! No more oxygen!