Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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I guess it is all right...maybe I need to step up my writing skills!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Rockin' with the Gailey's

Jarad's rockstar pose

Tara, Chad & Jarad- rock stars extraordinaire!

Chad & Jarad- we could barely pull them away to eat!

Me, Tara & Chaddy...

I killed the drums!!

Yesterday, we went over to our pals, Chad & Tara's house. We enjoyed a lovely dinner (thanks guys!) and then...we rocked out! They have the video game, Rock Band...which is WAY fun! In this game, you are able to have a guitar, bass guitar (if you have two guitars), drums and a singer. SO we all took turns and spent the night rockin' out to lots of fun songs. We all took turns singing, drumin', and rockin' the guitar strings! It was really fun and here are the photo's to prove it. Oh, and the promised photo of Jarad in rockin' stance!

Visit to Logan

Me & E-beth!!!

This past Friday, Jarad's step-sister got married in the Logan Temple. So...we made the trek up there with his Dad and two sisters (Kayla & Ambar) who drove in from CO. Along the long drive, I realized...DUH! My Elizabeth lives in Logan...we should go see her! So, I called, we set it up, and after the sealing, Jarad and I headed up the street to see E-beth for a few minutes. We chatted about life, liberty and the pursuit of graduate degrees! It's always good to chat with any of my girls! Although we could only stay for a short while, it was great to see E-beth and give her a leg-up! (don't ask :)) Thanks for letting us visit E-beth! We love you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Woes of the Week

So, I just feel like whining...and since Jarad's at work and no one else is here...well, I'm going to whine at the blog. This week has been crazy! Two major "woes" on my mind right now. First, Jarad's car...well, lets just say, that it has been in the shop since Friday (today's Wed!) and the weekend before that, it was in the shop for 2 days as well. Needless to say...the little Nissan is havin' a rough time of it...which in turn means so is our checkbook! Cars will suck you dry! Second "woe", I'm sick! Today is day 7 and I'm still hatin' life...anyway, hopefully these antibiotics, aka horse-pills, I've been taking the last 3 days will kick in to gear soon! Ok...well, that is enough whining from me, thanks for listening...back to my comfy bed and book!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rascal Flattin' It Up!!

These are our tickets :) SO EXCITING!

Miss Kelly Pickler rockin' her red shirt..no heels, in fact she took off her shoes after her first song!

Maura & I- trying to hold back our extreme excitement!

All four of us! Cole & Maura and Me & Jarad
(p.s. can you see the girl behind Jarad with her white-pleather jacket? There were about 7 girls right in front of us- and they all wore the same white pleather jacket!)

Here we are all getting our dance on- just practing before the show began! :)

Here is a snap of the Rascal Flatts amazing stage! They put on one heck of a show!!

For my Valentine's gift, Jarad bought me tickets to go see the best country band ever! RASCAL FLATTS! We bought them with our friends Cole & Maura. The concert was this past weekend and we had a blast!!! We headed to the Gateway Mall for dinner at Applebee's. After waiting over an hour, we finally got to grub down before the big show. Luckily the venue is just across the street from the Gateway, and so we walked on over. We got there just as the opening act started. Miss Kelly Pickler opened for them and she was really good! I only knew a few of her songs, but I am a fan, especially of the Red High Heels song! With a short break after Kelly Pickler to setup the amazing stage for the guys, we took advantage of the few minutes of light inside and had some photo-opps! I'd have to say Maura and I were most excited about everything for the evening, including the picture taking. But Jarad & Cole were good sports and we know they secretly enjoyed it! After our beautiful photo's we prepared our throats, lungs and whistlers for the amazingness that followed! The concert was incredible and man those boys can sing!! We danced and sang our little hearts out all night long! The concert didn't even end till after 11pm! (and it started at 8!) I can say, I enjoyed every minute of it! (even with being sick all day long!) Thanks Jar for the tickets and for coming with me, even though country music doesn't make your favs list! And thanks to Cole & Maura for joining us and being awesome friends and fellow concert go-ers! We love ya!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sunday Evening Wii!!!

Brian & Michelle + baby girl :) & Lily & Jackson

Sunday we went to our friends Brian & Michelle's place. Jarad knew them both back in the day in CO, and we've all become great friends. We often have Sunday dinner together and just chill out and relax. Most often, we play the Wii! Lucky for us, Brian & Michelle just got Guitar Hero 3 for their Wii, which has been a favorite of ours for a long time. So we had dinner and did some rockin'! I was excited because I finally braved it on medium instead of easy and actually did pretty well. I failed to capture a picture of Jarad in Guitar Hero position- that is standing and really thinking he is a rockstar! I'll have to do that next time we rock on with Brian & Michelle.

Hey Hoser!

Avery Gailey- after doin' the "Daisy Dance"

Wynter- drooler extraordinaire! (hence the lack of a shirt)

Adam & Allison Hammond

Saturday night, Adam (pre-marriage roommate of Jarad's)& Allison were kind enough to invite us up to their new townhome in West Haven (by Ogden). So Chad (also pre-marriage roommate of Jarad's) & Tara, Kevin (brother of Chad) & Jackie and their two daughters, Avery & Wynter and Jarad & I loaded up in Kevin & Jackie's suberban-like car and headed northward. Snowing all the way, we made it in just over an hour but luckily Avery supplied entertainment with the DVD- Cinderella. After arriving we got the grand tour of the new pad, and it's really cute. Way to go A & A!!! They also fixed a grand dinner of burritos! They were delicious! A game of Boxer's & Brief's (similiar to Apples to Apples) was enjoyed by all as well as a few renditions of the "Daisy Dance" curtosy of Avery. We had tons of fun and can't wait to hang out with everyone again!