Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Triple Love

I have the best and funniest husband!! He had to be in class yesterday on Valentine's, so I saw him all of maybe an hour late last night. However, he was super sweet and brought these home for me....

(advanced apology for the grainy photos- they're from my phone)

They are beautiful and with a little dessert together, that was enough Valentine's-ness for me! Plus, we had already decided not to do much for Valentine's this year and to keep things simple.

However, today at work in the middle of teaching the letter Q and singing Who Let the Letters Out to my little students and much to my surprise- these arrived!

Even more beautiful! And I L.O.V.E. getting surprise flowers at work (and I did not care what-so-ever that they came the day after!).

So my kids all smelled them and loved the balloon! But in the effort to not totally disrupt the day, we continued on with the letter Q, then went outside (A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. 60 degree weather in Feb!) to play. Upon returning to my classroom, I also found these beauties on my desk. Two surprises?!

Apparently, these were actually the flowers Jarad ordered for me as a surprise, day-after, Valentine's gift. Something must have happened at the florist and they brought me two arrangements. I'm not complaining!! I love flowers! Plus, now I have some at home and some at work to look at and enjoy.

Thank you to my sweetie for the triple-dose of floral love!! Happy Valentine's Day to all!!