Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sad Sadie

Right after we got back from Mexico, Sadie had to get the snip-snip. One fur-baby is enough for us! She was a champ and healed well and handled it really well.

Sadie was super groggy when I picked her up and most of the night at home. She had a cute bandaid though.

Poor thing had a big ow-ee!

She was so sleepy and snuggly. So cute!

They gave us this collar thing to protect her incision but she hated it! And she didn't fit into her crate with it on, so we didn't make her wear it and instead just wrapped her with an ace bandage around her belly so she wouldn't lick her stiches.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Riviera Maya- Day 6

We decided that it isn't very often we are in a place where we can watch the sunrise over the ocean and we should take advantage of it. So on our last morning, we woke up at 5am and went to the beach, relaxed under a cabana, and watched the sunrise. It was so beautiful and peaceful! We were pretty much the only people out there.

It was so early, but we loved getting to experience it together.

White pretty to make a picture!

Our toes have been documented pretty much everywhere we've gone together.

Us and the sunrise-

Us- up close

Jarad took some amazing shots, here is just one.

Before we had to take the shuttle back to the airport to catch our flight, we had a few more hours to enjoy the sun!

So we swam and sat our by the pool for the last time.

We were so sad to leave!

We made it to the airport, and did a little shopping while we waited for our flight.

Jarad found some very large Mentos!

We had a fabulous vacation and would go back any day! I loved getting to spend a week relaxing and experiencing new adventures together!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Riviera May- Day 5

We went on one other excursion while we were there. We went snorkeling! It was one of our favorite days of our trip. We got picked up at our hotel and drove to the first location- a inlet that was a mix of fresh and salt water.

Here we are- all suited up and ready to snorkel!

So cute underwater!

We swam around for a while, before someone else in our group spotted the one thing I had to see! So I just started swimming towards it...

A SEA TURTLE!! It was so awesome to be so close to it.

We also saw a stingray and I even touched it. Jarad also saw a barracuda shark.

Our next stop was at some underground caves that are in the underground river system (Mexico has the 2nd largest in the world!). The water in the caves was FREEZING! I was a little freaked out because of the small, enclosed space, but it was pretty cool inside.

We loved snorkeling!

After the caves, they fed us lunch. It was my favorite meal of the whole week! We had authentic Mexican BBQ and it was DELICIOUS!!! good!

Timer picture...sorry it's a little dark.

Off to our next, and final destination.

The last place they took us was way out in the middle of the Mexican jungle. It is called a Cenote and it is a big sink-hole of fresh water out in the middle of no-where. It was so clear and cool.

Us, on the dock of the cenote.

There was a zip-line into the cenote- this is Jar enjoying the ride. We both did the zip-line quite a few times. SO FUN!

They also had a 20 foot jump into the cenote. I am hard to see, but I am jumping in! I only did it the one time, but Jarad did it over and over again!

We also did a little more snorkeling and some some cool fish.

I loved snorkeling!

Jar was like a fish!

That evening, we went to the gourmet restaurant and it was very fancy! We got all gussied up for the evening and just enjoyed our last (tear!) night in Mexico.

We almost felt out of place the restaurant was so fancy!

Even the dessert was fancy!

After dinner, we went for a romantic walk on the beach and around the resort.

Then we played some chess!

Jarad also won at chess.

Famous Musicals was the show for the evening, so we went to that as well.

I even met the Lion King!

And what would our last night be without some more delicious drinks! (again...all-inclusive is the way to go!)

Riviera Maya- Day 3 & 4

Unfortunately, something I ate at the restaurant didn't sit well and I was up sick all night and still felt way yucky in the morning, we we had to postpone our excursion to Tulum from day 3 to 4.

So, we enjoyed our room, relaxed, watched TV, slept and then enjoyed the pool, buffet and beach some more.

I needed the sleep to try and get the bug I caught out!

Poor Jar- stuck in the room with me!

We did have a great room, but we did venture out to lay by the pool and eat!

Outside on the deck of the buffet, they had these crazy wild cats that would come right up to you.

Luckily, the next morning I was feeling better, and we were able to take our excursion to Tulum to see the old Mexican ruins.

We took a shuttle into the ruins. So excited to see the ruins!

This was the entrance to the ruins- it was so short and narrow.

Here we are with some of the ruins in the background.

Tulum is the only ruins right on the beach. Our tour-guide told us all sort of cool history about the Mayan people and how they lived.

Once we left the ruins, there was a big Mexican market. They even had Subway!

In the street of the market, a guy with a huge iguana came up to us and put this iguana on me. Jarad took my picture, then we had to pay him $4!

The Mayan men would climb up to the top and jump off and spin around and around and lower themselves until they were back on the ground. We can't remember why, but it was cool to watch.

After we drove the hour back to our resort, we cleaned up and went to dinner. Surf & Turf restaurant was our reservation for the evening.

Jarad was brave and ordered the seafood platter and actually really liked it. I played it safe with steak and potatoes!

All of the restaurants were unique and had great food.

Riviera Maya- Day 1 & 2

For spring break, Jarad and I went to the Riviera Maya, Mexico just outside of Cancun. We hadn't been on a "real" vacation since our honeymoon so we decided, "why not?!"

We stayed in the most amazing hotel/resort! It was an all-inclusive resort which I would highly recommend to everyone!

We are off! Time for a 4-5 hour flight.

They gave us some yummy airplane food.

Then apparently, the AC was the ON position so the cabin turned into an icicle! Funniest thing seeing people headed for Mexico pulling out gloves, hats and blankets as they tried to cover up the vents with the plastic wrap from their food boxes!

After making it through the Cancun airport and on our shuttle, we arrived at the resort. We were greeted and given fancy drinks to enjoy as they checked us in. Once we got to our room, this is the spectacular view we enjoyed from our balcony!

Although our room was FABULOUS (video later), we headed out to check out the place.

Jar was diggin' the pool chairs!

Then we went to my favorite place- the BEACH! It was beautiful and I was so glad to hear the sound of the waves.

We wandered around the HUGE resort complex and checked it out and order some Pina Coladas! YUM!

Dinner at the buffet (Yummy Mexican food!) was next then we went to see a show.

It was a Mexican dance show and it was pretty cool.

After the show, we were ready to hit the hay. But first, we order some room service (gotta love the all-inclusive!) for the morning.

They brought us a lovely breakfast to eat on our veranda!

I couldn't wait to just lay by the beach and relax! So that's what we did first.


Those cabanas are where we hung out for most of the morning.

Love birds- enjoying the relaxation.

After a while, we got hungry, so we hit up the buffet again. Then we decided to go to one of the pools to relax for a while. We found an open cabana, but had to search out another because these guys were getting upset. Apparently they wanted some privacy!

The pool was amazing as well. It even had a bar in the middle! It was surrounded by cabanas, and pool chairs in and out of the water.

After a day of relaxation, we went to dinner at the Japanese Hibachi restaurant. The food was really good!

We played some pool and Jarad kicked my trash.

He's a pool shark!

When we got back to our room, they were turning the sheets down, so we took some fun photos while we waited.