Friday, October 31, 2008

BOO-rito Night-o-fun!

So, we found out that Chipotle was having a free burrito night for Halloween called BOO-rrito. We wanted to make sure it was legitimate so our pal, Maura, looked it up online, and sure enough, it was real. You just had to dress up like a burrito and come in to get a free dinner. So, since we LOVE Chipotle and really, who can pass up free food, we grabbed the foil and headed out for dinner. After we had eaten our dinner, the boys thought we should hit up another Chipotle to get lunch for the next day. So yes, we each got two free burritos!

I made a crown out of foil.

Jarad only wrapped his leg the first time, but then turned it into a Mohawk at the second store.

Maura used an emergency blanket as a chic gown and Cole make his muscles into burritos.

After our BOO-rrito adventures we had decided on making sugar cookies. I made the dough prior, and then we cut them out, baked them and decorated them together. The girls (Me, Maura, Amy & Michelle) did all of the cookie making and the boys (Jar, Cole, Jason & Brian) searched for scary movies.

Here is a sampling of our cookies...we made a ton!

Amy, Maura, Michelle & Fiona...such domestic goddesses!

Happy Halloween!

Normally, I don't love Halloween, but this year I really had fun with it. The Youth put on a Halloween Carnival for the Primary kids this year and so I dressed up for that as a cave woman.

And then for work, we always have a Halloween party at school and everyone wears costumes. So for work, I was a witch, because it was something my kids would recognize.

The full-body shot.

The head shot- my green make-up did scare a few of kids a little bit!
Thanks to my pal Jenn for letting me borrow her costumes!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Girls Night!

I got to spend a night with some of my girlies! (Which of course I love!) Steph drove down from Boise for a visit so we got together at my place for a pazovie! (pizza & a movie). We ended up with pizza but never watched a movie...too much to catch up on! Anyway, it was a blast as also and included...a Gorilla Wein, Mel & I wrasslin' and tons of laughs!

Me & Sarah


Mel & I after I got her in a headlock wrasslin'

Sarah trying to kiss someone in the Gorilla costume (I think it was Steph)

The Girlies-Steph, Mel, Sarah, Mel & Tarina (we missed Geri, E-beth, Chrissy & Shmam)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Park City Party

OK, so it wasn't really a party, but I still had fun! I had to attend the Deaf Education Summit this past weekend for work. I went up with my friend Jenn and as part of the conference they put you up in the hotel, which this year was The Canyon's. I've never stayed there before and it was really nice! The conference was also good, but I had the most fun hanging out with Jenn. We played in the hot tubs, ate junk food and watched TV and we even had a fire alarm Friday night. All in all, tons of fun for a work conference!

The Canyon's was a ritzy place...very nice!

Here we are, all ready, in our complementary robes, to head to the hot tubs. (There were three and a huge pool!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing

Our friends Cole & Maura just went on a trip home to Texas and brought us back a suprise! REAL, old school, Dr. Pepper. So, the two of us, Cole & Maura and Jason & Amy had a DP party and drank our tasty treats! It was so super yummy! Thank you Cole & Maura!

The "real" Dr. Pepper made with real sugar cane in the grand state of Texas. Aren't the bottles cool?!

Cole & Maura- cheers!

Jar & I..although Jar didn't drink any since he is still determined to make it to his one year mark of no caffiene.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jade Cafe

Saturday we went to the Jade Cafe, a small, ghetto, truck-stop kind of cafe down on 9th S. and just past West Temple. I started going there in college with my friend Tarina and her family. So, now that we are married, she and I and our husbands still have to frequent the Jade. However, we only eat one thing... PANCAKES! They are so delicious and I love them!

Yup, it is an Asian owner I think and the cooks are Asian too. But they make the best pancakes! Ooo...just thinking about them, makes me want to go get some!

T & Chris at the Jade

After breakfast, we play a little game of quarter tossing. You stand on a line of the sidewalk and pick another line and each person tosses a quarter. The person who gets closests wins all the quarters! Jar won last time!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

I am always in the mood to do something crafty and spiff up our little apartment. So last week, we were at IKEA (love it!) and I saw these mirrors for $2.99/each.

I proceeded to buy three of them for my latest, brilliant cheap decor idea!

Then at Walmart later that day, I picked up some paint and paint brushes for cheap and began the project. After a few coats of paint and some sealant, the mirrors were done. Jar helped me hang them in our bathroom today and they are just want I imagined! Here is the finished product! SO CUTE! (well, I think so!)

p.s. Just a side note, this is my 101st post!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Snow

Can we say SAD DAYS!!!

This is what we woke up to this morning as we were getting ready for church!
We are not ready for snow and the coldness of winter. What happened to fall??! Last week it was still in the 80's and now this?! What has happened to our weather?! I sure hope it warms back up a bit for a while...the shorter winter the better!

On a happier note, we put up our Halloween/fall decor. I love decorating our house for the seasons and holidays!
And I found this beauty yesterday at Robert's for $4! (thank you 50% off sales!)

Monday, October 6, 2008


Today was Jarad's 29th birthday! He was a little worried about getting older and closer to 30, but he made it and is handling 29 very well!

We celebrated with a few friends...just some cake, ice cream and good times!

The double-decker homemade birthday cake! (you should have seen the process! what a disaster!)

Jar's getting ready to blow out the candles.

Cole & Maura- "way to be old"

Tarina & Chris...that's some tasty cake!

Michelle & Brian & Fiona

Jar & I got to hold Fiona too- don't you just love her hair!

Jason & Amy & Emi

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Deseret Soap Co. Volunteers

Last week, Jar and I were asked to participate in a ward service assignment at the Deseret Soap Co. So we roped in our friend Cole, and headed downtown. First, who knew that the Church had a soap company??!! Second, it was a really cool and fun experience for us. After arriving they took us back and put us to work making household cleanser (similar to Comet). We each had a different job; I put cleanser in the cans and put them on a conveyor belt, then Jarad and Cole took turns attaching the lids and packing and sealing the boxes.

Jar busy sealing the lids on.

Here I am hard at work.

Cole's turn for the lids.

While Cole took his turn, Jar went around taking some artsy photo' is a picture of a box of empty cans.

Jar & Cole washing up...yes, you actually get kind of dirty making cleanser.

Finished product...CLEANSER! We even got to take a bottle home and a bar of soap too!