Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Alan!

June 29th- would have been Alan Lewis Reddekopp's 55th birthday. Jarad and I decided to take the afternoon and drive to Heber to see his grave. We took some flowers and just sat and took in all in for a while. We took a few photo's and hope he knows we were thinking of him on his birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!

We were also able to visit with his wife- Angela and step-brother's Drew and Nathan.

He will soon have a headstone too, but for now there is a placard.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Concert Coolness!

Chillin' on the grass waiting for the show to begin!


Maura & Cole

All of us


We love country music!

So as previously posted, we went to Tim McGraw last night! And it was AMAZING!!! First, it is Tim...hello handsome fella with a stellar voice!! Second, it was at the USANA Amphitheater which is a rather cool venue to attend a show. We went with our good friends Cole & Maura and just sang and danced our little hearts out!

So this is how our evening played out...the show was starting at 7:30pm but the gates opened at 6pm and seeing as we had lawn seats (not reserved) we needed to arrive early to get prime lawn area. So Jar and I headed out and got there and only had to wait about 10 min to get in. We walked swiftly to the grass area, found a great spot and just relaxed while we waited for our pals and the concert to begin.
There were two opening bands before Tim came on, Halfway 2 Hazard (H2H) and Jason Aldean. H2H was pretty good but we didn't know any of their songs and Jason Aldean was really good and we did know a couple of his songs.

Cole & Maura ...after a little ticket fiasco, got there just as H2H was getting going. Each band played a short set and then the stage was changed for TIM McGRAW!!!

Then after much anticipation....the music started...and there he was! Lookin' good and sounding better! He sang some new songs which of course were really good and made me want to run out and buy his newest CD (which I probably will later today!). He also sang a bunch of classics, which was my favorite part! Where the Green Grass Grows, Cherokee People, BBQ Stain, I Like It, I Love it, just to name a few! WE danced and sang our little hearts out!!! (OK, Cole, Maura and I did...Jarad only knew a few songs :) since his love for country music isn't what the rest of ours is!)
It was a great show, we had great company and a fantastic time!

Frisbee Golf

Amelia & Sam- Frisbee Golf Pros!

Jarad means business!

This past week we were able to go frisbee golfing with some friends from our ward. Jarad had played a few times before but it was a first for me! And it was really fun. There is an actual course fairly close to our house, which I never knew about. Sam and Jarad could really huck the frisbees where Amelia and I took a few more "shots" to get it in the basket! We really enjoyed it though and plan to go again soon! Next time we will be taking bug spray though...poor Jarad has a few mosquito bites. And we may have to wait a few my shoulder muscles are too sore! Seriously! Both of our shoulders were sore after this weeks outing but it was worth the soreness. After our frisbee game we took Sam & Amelia to our favorite snow-shack...Bob's Brainfreeze! Good times were had by all!!

Summer Fun

Slurpee's- a yummy summer treat!

Since Jarad's been looking for a job and school's out for the summer for me, we've been able to spend alot of time together...which I love!!! We've been able to sleep in, play the Wii, organize our apt, play withe friends, get summer treats and just enjoy spending time together doing nothing! I'm excited for Jarad to get/start a job but sad at the same time because I've really enjoyed the past few weeks. And even though it has been stressful and crazy, I will always look back on this jobless/stressful time and remember the fun times we've been able to have together. I am so lucky to have Jarad and to be married to someone who I can have fun with even when times are crazy. LOVE YOU JAR!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tim McGraw- Need I Say More...

The sexy black hat...

and the jeans..mmmm...

Really the title should be excitement enough...well at least it is for me. I can't really say the same for Jarad! :) We are going to the Tim McGraw concert tonight and it will be a blast! It's at the USANA Amphitheater and we get to go with our good friends Cole & Maura. Well I could go on and on about how excited I am and how much fun we will have but...we better go get gussied up and get our country on!! Watch for some awesome concert pictures to come!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mask Mishap

It's a Friday night at home, and I thought to myself...I should do a mask before going to bed to renew my face and exfoliate. So I scoured my supplies and there was no store-made mask products to be found. So, I thought, I'll make my own. I proceeded to Google (I love that that is a verb!) homemade facial masks and found an apple/honey/oatmeal recipe that seemed simple and I had all the ingredients. I asked Jar if he wanted to do it with me and he said if I made it, he'd try it too.
So I set to work on making the mask. I ended up needing some muscle assistance from Jar with the honey and then poor honey bear-man ended up busting his lid and there was a bit too much honey. But I just added a bit more oatmeal and thought all would be well. After mixing it up, it didn't look like much of a paste but more like something you'd eat for breakfast! But I gave it a go anyway. My forehead came first and it wasn't sticking well but I kept at it and then I tried my cheeks...however, after about 1.27 minutes Jarad says to me, "you're looking kind of red." At which point I looked in the mirror and decided I better wash this concoction off immediately! And good thing I did! My poor little face was rather red! Hopefully it will calm down by morning so I can be seen in public again! Lesson learned...don't trust homemade facial masks you find online!
Please enjoy these pictures of my stupidity!

The ingredients of death!

Me, trying to make this "mask" stick.

It is kind of sticking...

How sad is my red little face!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


We finally went! That's right...the best slushy/cool summer treat shack is open and we finally went to get a Bob's. For those who live in Utah, you have to go ASAP! It really isn't like any other slushy/snow cone you've ever had. It's not only a snow cone but it's an ice cream too. There is a plethora of flavors and it is just delicious! And fairly inexpensive. A Bob's is a perfect treat any time of the day! Well, gotta go...and get a Bob's that is!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Me & Sienna

Me & Aleah

Me & Mya

Jarad's sister Janna and Mom were passing through Salt Lake on their way from Reno, NV to Colorado, and we got to spend the evening with them on Sunday. It is always fun to see them and especially for me, the nieces! They are all so cute and I love to get hugs and kisses and hear them call me Ash-a-lee!

Happy Father's Day X 3!

We wanted to wish all of our Dad's a Happy Father's Day! Thanks for being the greatest Dad's ever! We love you!!

Here are pictures of our Dad's and 5 reasons why they are the greatest Dad's in the world!

Dad Wilson

1. Most selfless and giving person we know!
2. Always gives us hugs!
3. Calls randomly just to say hi!
4. Always kind and non-judgemental.
5. Always has a smile to share!

Dad Morgan

1. Always makes us laugh!
2. Generous in every way!
4. Always thinks of others.
5. Lets us swim in his hot tub! :)

Dad Reddekopp

1. Strong willed and courageous.
2. Loved to share and experience the outdoors.
3. Made time for us.
4. Shared his love of animals.
5. Taught us hard work.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wrecked Wrist- Part 2

Here is an update on my wrecked wrist...
Side bar- now my thumb is also numb in addition to my middle finger! (see previous post if you are confused!)

So, just for future reference, nerve studies are bad! They make them sound so simple and pain free...they are LIARS! I had to have them done so they can try and figure out what to do about the numbness in my fingers. There were two parts to the testing-Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS) and Electropyography (EMG).

The NCS was slimy and weird! First they drew with pen all over my hand and arm to know where to do everything. Then they hooked up electrodes to my hand and fingers then basically shocked me or "stimulated," as they say, my nerves. At first it wasn't too bad, just a bit tingly, but then they kept turning the "stimulus" up and it began to hurt when they shocked me. Oh and the slimy part is that they use this gel all over too, kind of like when they do an ultrasound of any kind.

So, after the shocking NCS was through, the EMG was next. They said it would be a little poke and basically no worse than getting blood drawn. LIARS AGAIN!!! The two doctors, one real one and one resident, took turns and poked a needle into the muscles in my hand and arm. Like the stabbing needle wasn't painful enough, then they proceeded to move it around in my muscles and made me move my fingers and hand while the needle was still in me! Needless to say, I did a little screaming and almost cried, Jarad did a little laughing at me and then it was finally over.

Post NCS & EMG the real doctor said that he doesn't think it is carpel tunnel after all and that he thinks there is something disturbing the nerve in my elbow area. To which I replied, COOL! so I don't have to wear this annoying brace anymore? And he said nope, I should continue with the brace, etc. until I return to see my referring doctor on Tuesday. RATS! So...the saga continues...

My hand post test- you can't really see because they washed it off but they drew all over it!

They forgot to wash the elbow!

Here you can see two of the stab wounds!

Babysitting Adventures

This week we got to babysit our cousin's little one, Brylee. She is about six months old and very cute! She was really good all day, even though she's teething and had a stuffy nose. We all went for a walk in the morning which put her right to sleep. We played alot with her and she was enthralled while we played the Wii (like we need to do more of that!). It was funny to watch Jarad with her and super cute! He changed her poopy diaper, fed her, put her to sleep and even watched her alone for 3 hours since I had class that day. Here are some pictures of super cute Brylee!

Jarad changing Brylee's stinkiness!

Her cocoon on our bed.

She was so talkative and loved to make funny sounds with her mouth. Ignore our cheeziness in the background.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

All Together Now...

Last night two of our best couple friends were able to come over and play some Wii and chat with us! Although both have briefly met each other, we've not really ever all hung out. It was really fun! We all played MarioKart and lots of Wii Sports- tennis, bowling, etc. It reminded me how lucky we are to have such amazing friends that we love so much! Thanks for coming over to play!!

Jarad, Cole, Maura & Chris playing some Wii Tennis!

Cole, Maura, Tarina & Chris- such great friends!

Kodak moment...thanks to camera timers!
Maura & Cole, Me & Jarad, Chris & Tarina