Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Grandpa Lawrence Meister

5 AUG 1931 - 30 DEC 2008

My Grandpa passed away today after a short, but brave fight against cancer, in Cody, Wyoming surrounded by his family. He was diagnosed with liver cancer just this past summer. Grandpa lived in Cody almost his whole life and taught at Cody High School. He was a quiet but very strong man and was very dedicated to all he did. Grandpa was very loved and very respected by all who knew him. He leaves on earth, his wife-Grandma, his twelve children- my Mom being the oldest, many grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. We will all miss him and look forward to the day when and are grateful for the knowledge we have that we will be able to see him again.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Colorado Christmas

This year we spend Christmas with Jarad's side of the family in Colorado. We had a good drive until we hit Laramie and the I-80 was closed and so was the other highway to Jar's parent's house. So, we camped out in Laramie for the night along with his parents and two sisters. After arriving to Berthoud the next day, we quickly got ready and jetted over to Jar's neice, Sienna's school to celebrate her birthday with her at lunch.

We ate lunch and opened a few presents with Sienna and her friends shared a cake.

Sienna's birthday was no ordinary birthday this year because she turned 8! So that evening was her baptism.

Sienna & Papa (Jar's Dad)are ready to go!

Jarad & his other two neices- Mya & Aleah- all a bunch of crazy's!

Me, Jar & Sienna after her baptism. We are so proud of you Sienna!!!

Sienna & Mom (Jar's sister Deahna)

We also had family pictures taken while everyone was there for the holiday and they actually turned out pretty well. After pictures, we had family dinner at Red Robin.

The neices- Sienna, Aleah & Mya

Deahna & Steve- aka Papa

Kayla, Ambar & Me & Jar

Me & Jar- dawning our brown & pink...the chosen theme colors.

Alot of shopping and being lazy took place and then it was finally Christmas Eve. Myself and the three nieces made cookies for Santa.

The best part...licking the dough!

Although I was ready to open presents that night (my family's tradition), everyone got to open one and then the rest had to wait for Christmas morning. Papa also read the nativity story out of the Bible to us before bed.

The tree pre-opening presents.

The girls got new pj's for Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning was finally there! Time to open presents!

The sibling gift exchange had a fun theme this year of getting a present based on the person's favorite Disney movie. I didn't think this theme so fun when I opened my gift.

Me & two mice- I about peed my pants when I opened this gift! My favorite movie was Cinderella.

Jarad's sister made his a jean quilt with "Best Friends" sewn in it. It is huge and warm! His favorite Disney movie is the Fox and the Hound.

One of Jarad's sisters got RockBand for Christmas. So there was alot of rockin' out!

Jarad & Mya rockin the mic!

The Reddekopp/Morgan band of greatness!

Jar's neice Sienna got a puppy for her birthday but it didn't arrive until after Christmas. Here is Zoe.

She is a Shitzu/Terrier mix.

Unfortunately we did have to come home, but we had great roads again with the exception of gail-force winds! It was so windy it broke part of my car!

We stopped in Rawlins, WY to get gas to find this part dangling for dear life!

So we white-trashed it and duct taped it on for now!

We had a great Christmas break and loved being in Colorado with all the family! We love and miss them SOOO much!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pre-Christmas Christmas

Tomorrow we are driving to Colorado to be with Jarad's family for Christmas. So we decided to open most of our gifts to each other here, so we didn't have to haul them back and forth. We had our own little pre-Christmas Christmas here tonight, just the two of us!

Me & my presents from Jar

Jar & his presents from me

Me in my new UTAH hoodie...so cute!

Jar showin' the shirt off...drop it like its hot!

Tangren Family Christmas

Every year, Jarad's Grandma throws a big family Christmas party. Everyone, aunts, uncles, cousins and even ex-husbands come to celebrate. Some of the Colorado family drove over to be here for it too.They hold it at the church down the street from Jar's grandparent's Bountiful home. Normally, it is on a Saturday, but this year it was Tuesday night. There was food-a-plenty and lots of catching up to do. After eating and chatting it was time for presents!

This year, Grandma Ruth planned the gift exchange so that everyone just brought a gift and then she drew names and the little ones got to deliver the presents. However, Jar never follows rules well, and apparently neither does our cousin, Steve. He and Jar rigged it with one of the little kids so that they both gave to each other. Jar lucked out big time and got a golf grip training club thinger. And I got a really cute polka-dot throw. Grandma & Grandpa were also good to us!
Thanks to everyone and especially Grandma for a great party! We love the Tangren crew!!!

Jar's sister Ambar helping cousin Morgan deliver gifts to the right people and Grandma in the background.

Jar & his golf thinger...don't mind his sweatiness...the boys always play basketball while the ladies do the cleaning up...somehow that is just how it happens!

Jar & I went to take a self-portrait and our cousin Burke jumped in last minute!

Just Jar & I having fun!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Body Worlds

This past Saturday, ourselves, our friends Cole & Maura and Jason & Amy went to the Body Worlds exhibit. All three of us ladies weren't too keen on the idea of it all at first, but the men purchased the tickets and we were booked to go and we were all glad we went afterwards.

I really thought it would gross me out but I was enthralled the whole time! I was the last of our group to finish the exhibit because it was so interesting to look at the bodies and read all the different tid-bits of knowledge that were all around. IT was so crazy to see how intricate our bodies are and how amazing they are!

Me & Jar in Body Worlds

Afterward, we went to Charlie Chow's (a great place we highly recommend!) for dinner...mmm...Chinese food!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Night In Bethlahem

We had our ward party last weekend and it was amazing. So much hard work went into it and they even had a drop ceiling and a census that we signed. We had to dress in biblical attire and Jar & I were asked to run the "Clothing Store" and helped people get into the proper attire who weren't already. We had lots of fun and I even played my harp in the program.

Me- my biblical name- Ashleyiah

Jar- his biblical name- Jaradiah

Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!!!

I love Christmas!!! It is my favorite holiday and I get really excited and some may even say neurotic about decorating!
So, Monday night, Jarad & I went tree hunting. The first place, was a dud...but the second place was awesome!! We found the perfect tree!!!

Here we are after finding our tree.

The tree in our apartment...looks good!

Look how excited Jarad is to string the lights and decorate for Christmas! (He puts up with my neuroticness very well!)

Here I am decorating our tree.

Jar was very helpful in decorating too!

Our stockings...so cute!

I even put up our mini-village!

Us and our gorgeous tree! (gotta love the self-portraits!)

I just have to say it again...I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanks & Family

This year for Thanksgiving, Jarad and I were able to go to Colorado Springs and spend the weekend with my family. We had a great time and it was so nice to "go home."

We did alot of cooking...so we could do even more eating!

Jarad and my sister Lindsey helped cook the deviled eggs.

While my brother Kevin, worked on his computer.

For our actual Thanksgiving dinner meal, we went to my parents ward building and joined the Hepworth's (my sister-in-law Lori's family) for their feast. Unfortunately, my Mom was sick most of the time we were home, and didn't get to eat dinner with us. :(

Kevin & Lori at the Thanksgiving feast.

Myself & Jarad ready to grub down!

My sisser Lindsey

Early, very early, the next morning, Jarad & I drug my sister Lindsey out to do some shopping on Black Friday! We left just before 4am and were back by 8am with goods in hand! It was very cold but we had fun anyway!
Here we are with our goods...lookin' oh so lovely!

Saturday, we made scrapbook calendars for next year. We did it last year too...so I think it's becoming a great family tradition.

Linds being all crafty.

Lori working on her calendar.

We also played some Wii and watched alot of movies.

Jarad & Kevin showing off their Tiger-esqe golfing skills.

We had so much fun at home and loved seeing the family!

Jar & I

Mom & Dad

Kevin & Lori

My parents have two weiner dogs and a cat. One of them, Peanut, likes to sit behind your neck between you and the back of a chair. She apparently learned this from the cat and kept climbing up me to sit up there while we were playing games.

Us & Kevin & Lori- we went to see their "new" house

My Mom & Dad and Jar & I

We came back on Sunday after going to church with the parentals. However, we missed our first flight because it took us almost 5 hours (normally takes under 2) to get to the airport in all the SNOW! So we arrived home, happy and very tired! Thanks to Mom & Dad and the fam for a great, fun and relaxing weekend! Miss you all already!