Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Date Night

Jarad and I went on a double date with our friends Ried and Rebecca before they moved. We spent a night enjoying Manitou Springs. Jarad and I haven't explored this cute little town and were pleasantly surprised by its charm.

We had a great time walking around and seeing the different shops.

Jarad and I during the walk.

They also have a bunch of natural, mineral springs that you can drink from and you can even fill up bottles to take home.

Ried and Rebecca show us how it's done!

We had dinner at a cute little restaurant called Naturally's. Everything is well...natural and yummy too.

Our side was this pasta thing that I don't even remember the name of. I was skeptical at first but it was good and I ate it all! (shocker, I know...)

Then for dessert, we had made reservations at Mona Lisa- a fondue restaurant.

We had cheese and chocolate fondues. The chocolate was SOOOO delish!

After getting really full on chocolate, we walked around a little more and went to the Penny Arcades.

My favorite game is ski-ball and so we played a few games.

We also had to take funny pics on the little rides they had. Nice face babe!

In one of the arcade buildings there was a penny game that foretold your future occupation.

Jarad should have been a lion tamer...

and I missed my calling and apparently should have been a beautician.

We had a great time in Manitou and plan on spending some more date nights there.

This pics not from Manitou but the same weekend we celebrated Kate's first birthday and I just love this picture of all of them. They've since moved away which makes us so sad. :( Miss you guys!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's the Climb!

Our friends Megan & Jason are expert climbers! Jarad and I have climbed a few times at climbing walls but nothing serious. Since I'm a wee bit afraid of heights, climbing doesn't intice me too much but Jarad's pretty interested in getting into it.

So Jason & Megan invited him to climb with them at the Garden of the Gods. Jason is helping Jarad get harnessed up!

Jarad climbed the face of two different rocks. Climb on!

Almost to the top! He did really good and only had a little bit of an "Elvis" leg (shaking leg).

Back down at the bottom- thumbs up! Guess he likes it. :)

Here's Jarad on the face of the second rock. It was harder and alot flatter.

The second climbing area was also on top of a bigger rock that we had to climb up to sit on the platform area.

Jarad & I after his second climb on the platform (notice my fake, I'm scared of falling off the platform smile!).

Jarad L.o.V.e.D!! climbing and hopes to do more climbing soon!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Campin' & Fishin'

Jarad & I went campin' & fishin' with my bro/sis-in-law, Kevin & Lori.

Self-portraits- a tradition for us. Jarad making a crazy face is also the norm.

We went to Antero Reservoir and it was our first lake-side camping experience. A little windy but not bad.

Kev brought wood and manned the fire. Chop it!

Lori & & I (and Sadie!) enjoying the fire and roasting mallows.

Our little family- Jarad, Me and Sadie- she loved camping too.

The next day we went fishin' too! We tried Antero Reservoir and didn't get much so we packed up camp and head down the canyon to another reservoir.

Here I am- reelin'in NOTHING! It was super windy too.

Kev & & Lori- they didn't have much luck catching any either.

Jarad is such a relaxed fisherman!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Survived the Incline

In Manitou Springs, there is an extreme hike/climb called the Incline. It's an old railroad track that the spikes and ties are used as stairs to climb to the top of Pikes Peak. The Incline has been on our to do list since moving here and we finally did it!

Here we are at the bottom...Jarad & I and our friend Megan- we're ready (so we think!) to do the Incline. You can see where the trail goes if you look just behind my head.

Megan part way up the first half- goin' strong!

Jar & I at the half-way point. There is a cut-off where you can jump onto another trail to head back down if you are tuckered out and don't think you can make it all the way to the top.

WE MADE IT!!! We look a little worse for the wear...but it felt like such an accomplishment!

The view at the top was gorgeous!! So worth the climb!

Jarad & I loved working together to make it to the top!

Life's a Circus!

Our friend was awesome and hooked us up with tickets to the circus. Jarad had never been to the circus and I hadn't been since I was young. We had a blast!

We're ready for the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus!!

Our friend Rebecca and her girls- thanks for the ticket hook up Ried!

Before the circus, they had some of the animals outside of the arena so we were able to see them up close. Genna got a really close look on Jar's shoulders.

There were tons of cool acts including this tightrope act. They were jumping around and balancing on such a small rope!

I loved the animal acts, especially the elephants!

Jarad & I had a great time.....and maybe we'll think about running away with the circus!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Fur-Baby

Sadie is a girl's best friend! She will snuggle me all day on the couch or go for a short run with me. She is the best dog, even when she is a little bit naughty sometimes! We have little kids over sometimes and she is so good with them- she just licks them a lot and sits still when they chase her or pull on her ears. WE LOVE HER! Plus it doesn't hurt that she is so C.u.T.e!!

She recently went to the groomers...

Sadie pre-hair cut! She was SO FLUFFY!

She looks so skinny and small after she gets her hair cut. Plus they put little bows in, which she always tries to get out and Jarad hates.

Sadie joined me on the lawn the other day to soak up some sun!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weenie Roast

I love campfires! In the mountains while actually camping is preferred but really I'll take them anytime and almost anywhere! So this past weekend, we had a weenie roast in my parent's backyard. Nothing better than some hot dogs, s'mores (made with Reese's instead of chocolate bars) and family! Even though it was a little windy, I loved every minute of it!

Fire! Wish I had a yard, so I could have one of my very own to use everyday.

YUM! Weenies on a stick...

Reese's s'more- I'm telling ya- the best!

My Dad- chowin' down...have a picture of Mom but she said not to post it...something about her hair.

My brother Kev and sis-in-law Lori (cute preggo lady!)

Jar & I (yes- my hair looks much better here- finally got my hair did- yes!)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Food and Family

Our Memorial Day weekend was a blast and included lots of food and family!

We went to dinner with Jarad's family to an authentic German restaurant called Edelweiss.

We had a little friend joining us at our table...

We all had salads...which were very interesting...lettuce, green beans, potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes- all of which had some strange dressing on them.

Jarad's meal...which was the best of all of them.

My meal...only ate the meat...won't be trying that again.

Steve, Lin, Jarad & I, Sienna and Deahna- all outside of Edelweiss- a different eating experience and not one that Jarad and I are eager to try again any time soon.

After dinner, we had to go say goodbye to my Grandma and Aunt who came down from Wyoming for the weekend.

Jarad & I, Grandma, Aunt Angela and Olivia- good to see you guys!

Although Jarad had to work the next day, I was able to go to Seven Falls with the in-laws. And I will fully admit that I was sore for days afterward!

We're all ready for the climb!

Here I am- all ready to climb on...yes, that says 224 steps!

Steve & Lin- Jarad's parents- at the half way up point.

Once we reached the top, there were two different hikes that we could do. We just did one and then had a little picnic lunch.

Sienna and I by the waterfall on our hike.

It was the first hike of the year for my favorite hiking shoes- my chacos!

The view looking down...a lot scarier than going up!