Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weekend of Fun

A couple in our ward invited us along to listen to an outdoor concert. I don't know or remember the band but they were decent and it was fun to get out!

Me & Jar enjoying the concert. Don't you love how Jar takes pictures these days?

Us again...apparently he just can't take a "normal" picture!

The next night, we went down to a Rockies game with Jarad's side of the family to celebrate a birthday. We had to park forever away from the stadium but once we were there, we had a ton of fun. It was a bit roasty but we survived!


Sienna enjoyed a giant snowcone.

And apparently the inability to take "normal" pictures runs in the family! Deahna & Sienna can't do it either.

The rest of the fam- Ambar, Kayla, Lin (Mom), Sienna & Steve (Dad)

It was so far to and from the car, that Jarad carried Sienna part of the way. She was all decked-out as the #1 fan!

Jarad & I enjoying some quality family time and good 'ole fashioned baseball!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Togetherness

The CA Fam came to Colorado for a week long visit. I picked them up at the airport and we headed down to the parental's house. I was lucky enough to spend the weekend down there and play with the whole fam! It was so fun! We relaxed, BBQ-ed, churched it up and just enjoyed each other's company. Unfortunately, Jarad had to stay up north and work. :(

David & Kevin- having "man" time with the Wii.

Daddy asleep on the couch.

Lori & Jordan just hanging out.

Mom (Nana) & Audrey reading stories together.

Lindsey, Audrey & Shelby (the pup). Audrey couldn't get enough of Shelby...she just wanted to hold her and play with her all the time!

The Whole Fam after Sunday dinner (minus Jarad who had to stay up north and work)

Since Jarad didn't get to go down for the weekend, we all got together during the week in Denver. We all went to the Denver Musuem of Nature & Science since it was free Wednesday.

There was a man dressed as a dinosaur and Audrey wanted to get near him but not touch him or have him touch her. She thought he was real and although she was excited about it she was also a little bit scared. Hence why she is clinging to Jarad.

Jar & I in the museum.

Audrey just loved the dinosaurs! She even found one her size!

The CA-Fam- David, Melanie, Audrey & Jordan

After a few exhibits, Nana, Papa & Audrey took a rest and snack break.

Jordan snuggled up to Auntie Lindsey cause he was getting so sleepy!

The Museum had a great view of the Denver skyline and the big park in the middle of the city as well.

Mom found these "ears"...I think we all almost wet our pants laughing at/with her!

Audrey even got to ride a baby laama!

After the museum, we headed over to the White Fence Farm, a diner/dive my parents saw on Diners, Dives & Drive-Ins. And it was actually really good! It was a fun place too. It had a cute shop, some picture things, a playground with treehouse, and a bunch of other things! We need to go back and experience the whole sha-bang!

Of course, Jar & I had to pose for a photo. :)

David & Jordan digging up some bark.

Lucky for all of us, Mom & Dad had agreed to spend their 31st wedding anniversary with their WHOLE family! So of course we had to celebrate in style. After dinner, we had the server bring a cake, balloons and even a sparkler! They also sang Happy Anniversary to them.

We also persuaded them to do a wedding cake feeding.

They also got a free romantical carriage ride which of course they had to take Princess Audrey on! :) She was so cute, she even did a little princess wave!

Jarad & Princess Audrey- she was a little pre-occupied by the balloon.

Jarad & Jordan-aren't they just the cutest?! I just wanna pinch their cheeks!

I love that my whole family got to be together and that we got to do some fun things together. I can't wait till Christmas when we are all together again!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back To School

Yes... I am officially a bag lady! This was me the morn of the first day of school. The district I am working for starts really early but one plus is that we are out May 20th! And again...yes, that is my breakfast that I ate in the car on my way to work.

All in all, the first two days were a success. A little bit crazy and hectic but I'm hoping everything settles down in the next few weeks and I can hit my groove.

First funny story of the year! I work with 1st grade student most of the morning in his regular 1st grade classroom. The teacher was reading a story (I was interpreting it) and all of a sudden another students says, "Can we bring pets to school?" Teacher replies, "You can bring them outside when your Mom or Dad brings or picks you up from school but pets aren't allowed in school. Did you bring a stuffed pet to show?" Student-"No, I brought a cat with stripes." Teacher- "You mean a toy cat right?" Student proceeds to head towards his backpack and teacher follows only to find a real, live kitten inside his backpack! The teacher and I about died! Buster the cat, student and teacher proceed to the office to call his parents to retrieve the kitten while I kept the class under control.

It's gonna be a year of new experiences and adventures!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Date Night

Jarad and I haven't been very good at having a designated date night lately, but Saturday we decided to have a date night. We had been told by some friends about the Larimar County Fair and thought...that'd be a great date night activity. We headed out, and had a great time!

Here we are...ready to hit the fair and have some fun! (I'm not sure why Jar isn't looking at the camera or why he is making a kissy face.)

Just inside the gates was a show called Splash Dogs. There is a have this bar hung out above the water and the dogs have to jump and rip the bar down. It was pretty cool to watch!

Next we headed out to the 4-H barns and saw a bunch of animals.

We saw pigs and one was even walking around and I got to pet it!

We also saw goats and naked (sheared) sheep.

We also saw a bunch of bunnies including this one who was HUMUNGOUS! Jarad called him the bunny on steroids! I told Jar I wanted to buy one (they had some for sale) but he said no. :(

We also saw a bunch of cows, big and small and whilst walking in the cow barn Jarad stepped in some "mud."

That will teach him to wear good shoes to the fair.

They also had a few face cut-outs for picture taking and we just couldn't resist being silly!

Here is Jarad and I. You can't see us very well so we had to get some close ups.

Really...I mean serious business. Me showing some attitude.

Jarad showing his skilz!

They also had a TON of different tractors and farm equipment that you could sit in/on and play with all the buttons and such.
Jarad was too lame to get in so I could take his picture. But...

I, however, thought it was fun to sit in these huge things!

After we checked out the rides and the games, we had to get some fair food. Going to the fair just isn't complete with out funnel cakes and cotton candy! mmm...

The funnel cake was pretty good. Crunchier than we like but still tasty! [A second picture with Jar making a kissy face...maybe he was trying to tell me somethings! Good thing it was date night ;)]

Can't go wrong with cotton candy!

We snacked on our goods while we stood in line for the ferris wheel for a while. Then we had a nice surprise- FIREWORKS!!!

This was one of many cool pictures Jarad took while we were there.

I was a bit nervous on the ferris wheel (scared of heights and old rickity rides) but Jar held my hand the whole time. :)

Thanks for all the fun and for being a great date babe!