Thursday, September 24, 2009

Devil's Backbone

Jarad and I decided that we better get at least one hike in this season since we've been so busy and basically slacking on the hiking! So, we googled some hikes close by and found the Devil's Backbone. We thought it would be chilly, but it turned out to be scorching hot day!

I was sorely disappointed in the trees, no mountains...I felt like I was in Arizona or something! But the backbone was cool- this rock formation that went on forever and really kind of looked like a backbone.

Jar & I- no, I am not angry...just extremely hot (temperature wise) and the sun was really bright as well!

Jarad was taking some cool shots of the backbone as well as a grove of Aspen trees that were at the beginning of the hike.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 Years Ago...

Three years ago today we were sealed for eternity! What a blessing it is for me to know that I get to love you forever! Thanks for a great anniversary Jarad! I love you!

Us- 3 years ago

It may have been a little cold that day, but it was the best day of our lives thus far!

Jarad made our anniversary extra special for me this year! Not only did he leave me a present in my car before work and take me to a nice dinner, but he also conspired with some of my new co-workers and planned a picnic for us at my school during lunch. I was told I was needed outside to facilitate communication for a problem but when I rounded the corner of the building I saw...

My cute husband and the great surprise he had set up for me!

He didn't forget a thing! A tablecloth, sparkling cider, sandwiches and roses too! I have the best husband! Thanks for my surprise!


Long ago (not sure when), Jarad set the goal to run a marathon (yes, that is 26.2 miles!) before he turned 30 (which is just a few weeks away!). This past spring, he registered for and has been training for the American Discovery Trail Marathon in Colorado Springs. He ran and completed the marathon on September 7th, 2009.

Jarad at the park where the bus took him up to the starting line. It is very early...5:15am!

My Dad and I went to drop him off. Next time we'd see him was just prior to mile 10!

The same weekend of the marathon was a hot air balloon festival. Cole, Maura & I saw them taking off when we headed out to cheer Jarad on at the first check point.

Here we are ready to cheer!

Run Jarad Run! He is looking good and still seems cheerful!

By the time we were at the second check point for cheering, we had been joined by my brother Kevin (taking the pic) & his wife Lori as well as my parents and sister Lindsey.

He is still running...gotta gas up with the gatorade! Thanks Cole for being the picture-man!

We decided to throw another check point in and found out way to a spot at about mile 21 where we took this video.

My sister Lindsey decided to run back a little ways and then run with Jarad back to us. This was about mile 21!

Our last stop was the FINISH LINE! It was at America the Beautiful Park. We all got there and got settled in to wait for Jarad.

Lindsey & I chilled at the entrance of the park for him to run in. After he got to the park, he had to run around the outside in a loop to the finish line.

I decided to run the loop with him, even though I was ill-dressed to run!

Here here is about to finihs. Just past the cones was the official finish line. (see the posters to the side of the pic- that'd be the rest of the cheering squad!)

I DID IT! 4 hrs. 42 min. (approx)

The whole cheering squard- my sister Lindsey, Jarad- runner extrodinaire, me, Jar's sister Deahna and neice Sienna, Cole & Maura in the back, my parents and brother Kevin & sis-in-law Lori.

The race provided some pizza & sode and a few other snacks so we stuck around a little while to eat and enjoy the park.

Cole & Maura chillin' in the shade. It had gotten really hot!

Jarad & I took Sienna over to the giant, moving fountain that they have in the park as well. It was nice to put our feet in some cold water!

Me & Jar- I am so proud!! What an amazing accomplishment!

Some celebratory Oreo icecream cake! YUM!

After resting and cleaning up from the morning, we had to take our friends back to the airport and then head home.

We spotted a great rainbow along the way!

Sadly, as we neared the airport, my car was having serious problems! Luckily we coasted into the parking garage as my car totally died! Poor Jarad & Cole had to push it into a spot while I tried to steer without power steering!

We got Cole & Maura checked in and headed back to Salt Lake. Thank you to you guys for coming and for a great weekend! We miss ya like crazy!

My poor car getting towed! Apparently DIA has a rule about not leaving cars in the garage overnight so they kindly towed us out of the airport to the nearest gas station and no further. We tried to find a tow but since our house was about an hour away and it was 10pm, we gave up!

I was still exhausted from the days events, so here I am sleeping in my car while we waited for our rescuers! (Long story short on the car), Jarad's parents came down and rescued us and we got my car the next day and had it repaired and is working order now.)

It was a long and crazy marathon day but well worth it! Jarad did amazing and could even walk the next day! I am so proud of him and his drive to meet a goal that he had set for himself! COngratulations Jar!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Visitors

We were so lucky that our great friends, Cole & Maura, were able to come out and visit us over Labor Day weekend. We planned a full weekend and had an absolute blast with them! They flew in Thursday night and we picked them up and then stayed up late chatting away and catching up.

Friday, the boys went golfing in the AM and Maura & I slept in, chatted some more and went for a brisk walk. After lunch, we headed to Estes Park to check out what it had to offer.

In our online research we had found this giant slide and were very excited to go ride it! However, it is only open on the weekend and apparently Friday evening isn't considered part of the weekend! :(

However, we did walk main street and browse lots of fun shops. Estes Park has a plethora of candy/ice cream shops. A few of them had lots of old-school candies and this one even had a tiny door. They looked like such old-fashioned shops!

We (Me, Jar, Cole & Maura) stopped at this one and enjoyed some carmel apple and fudge.

After browsing we had dinner at a local restaurant and then drove over to the famous Stanley Hotel. The Shining movie was filmed there and according to some, the hotel is still haunted.

Haunted or not, it was a cool looking hotel.

Saturday, we decided to hit up Denver. We planned to go to the Denver Art Museum but lucked out because the Taste of Colorado was going on right next to the museum too! There was a lot of vendors, both food and trinkets and random stuff. It was fun to be outside enjoying live music and just seeing what there was to see.

Yum...I'm hungry! Jarad was too cool to be hungry with me! :)

We did go to the Denver Art Museum as well. They had not one, but two buildings full of different exhibits! We got in our fair share of culture and art and then headed back out to the Taste of Colorado.

Jarad & I posing in front of an art sculpture outside the Art Museum.

We were getting hungry for some lunch, so we finished up with downtown Denver and heade to Buffalo Wild Wings!

We had some grub wings! Then we had to take a picture by the hotness scale! Yes, Jarad is down by the "mild" end and I like things a little hotter!

After a delicious lunch, we headed south to the Castle Rock Outlet Mall and did some shopping!

I shopped, and Jarad legged-up a moose!

Next, we continued south to Colorado Springs to my parental's house and hit the hay for the night.

Sunday was a relaxing, naps, games, dinner and making posters for Jarad's big day!

Maura, Lori & I made up some fantastic posters.

And the boys (Cole, Kevin & Jarad) played some Tiger Wood's Golf on the Wii to try and talk Jarad's mind off of his nerves.

Later that evening, we enjoyed the evening with a fire and s'mores and roasted starbursts (don't knock it till you try it!).

Thanks Dad for starting it up for us!

Cole & Maura keeping warm by the fire.

Jarad & I snuggling by the fire too.

Then came Monday...MARATHON DAY! (see next post)