Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hootie & Brad

We love going to concerts but didn't go to any all summer! So, we had to get one in before it gets too cold. And I LOVE country music! So, Jarad agreed to go to the Brad Paisley concert. The amphitheatre is pretty cool and is actually right in the middle of the city!

The amphitheatre while we were waiting for the concert to start.

So nice and so excited!!

Justin Moore (we don't really know his music, except Small Town USA) was the "surprise" opener and then Darius Rucker (aka Hootie from Hootie & the Blowfish) opened as well. We had a HILARIOUS moment that reminded us how old we are getting! Darius sang many of his country songs but also sang quite a few of his Hootie and the Blowfish songs. Just behind us was a group of high-school aged girls, so during one song, Jarad turned to them and asked them if they knew who Hootie & the Blowfish were. Their response, "Who's that?" I about died laughing and Jarad kindly informed them that who they were listening to was Hootie.

It was such a great show!

Brad Paisley is one of my favorites and he is AMAZING on the guitar!!

LOVED the concert! LOVED spending the night with my hubby!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Garden of the Gods

We decided to do a little hiking since it is been such a warm fall. So we drove up to the Garden of the Gods and did some hiking.

Sadie was such a trooper and loved running around. She got SO dirty and was super tired by the end! She would run ahead, lay down in the shade and wait for us.

Self-portrait mid-hike... it was very warm!

During one part of the hike, we were down in a dried up riverbed (I thought it was a trail originally, but was wrong! oops!) and we went around a bend and stood about 50 feet from a huge buck! I wish I could have snapped a quick pic- but he was startled and ran off.

We went down by all the huge rock formations and took a family photo. We saw a bunch of people rock-climbing too.

Fun, fun day! We're crazy!

P.S. On our way there, we passed a Great Harvest! We haven't had Great Harvest bread in SOOO long! Of course, we went in and got a yummy bread sample and a few loaves to take home. We even got Sadie a whole-grain puppy treat!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

4th Anniversary

Jarad and I just celebrated our 4th anniversary. It seems crazy to both of us that we've been married that long! But in the same breath, it seems like we've never been apart. Since our anniversary landed in the middle of the week this year, but kept it pretty low key.

Jarad sent these beautiful flowers to me at work. It was very funny- my students saw them and all wanted to smell them and know who sent them to me. It is quite funny explaining what a husband is to group of 4 yr olds!

Sorry it isn't the best picture- I took it on my phone.

I've always wanted to send something to Jarad...but what do you send to a guy???

FOOD! Chocolate covered strawberries and apples. And just another reason he is the best husband ever, he didn't eat them at work! He saved them for us to eat together...and they were SO YUMMY!

One of our favorite things to do is going to sushi but since it is often expensive, we don't go often. But we decided we should splurge for our anniversary.

Sushi is so pretty...yum!

Happy Anniversary babe!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Reason 4, 877, 540 Why I Love My Husband

I called my husband on my way home from work. Told him that I had a less than great day and apologized in advance for the possibility of a grouchy wife. He then informed me that he had lost his keys and I would need to drive half an hour each way to let him in his car. But then, he called back and had found his keys in the ignition and had arranged for building security to come help him out. PHEW! After his crisis had been averted, I asked him to pick up something for the dinner (I had already started cooking) and he not only agreed to stop at the store but also came home with these...

and that is reason # 4,877,540 why I love my husband! Thanks honey for my beautiful surprise! I love you!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Balloon Classic

We spent Labor Day weekend relaxing at home, catching up on projects and spending time with family. Two different days we went to the Balloon Classic that is held here every Labor Day weekend. Saturday morning, we got up early to watch the balloon launch.

Jarad and I- very early in the morning

Here goes the balloons- there were so many that just kept popping up.

There are almost all blown up and ready to launch.

It is the coolest sight to see tons of hot air balloons just floating off!

They launch at a park that has a large lake and some of the balloons try to touch down in the lake.

The Energizer Bunny Balloon- one of the biggest hot air balloons ever made!

Then Sunday night- we went back to the park to watch "The Glow." That's when alot of the balloons get blown up and then they light them up many times.

Jarad and I- so much fun when we're together!

It is so cool to see all the balloons lit up!

Isn't he so handsome?!!

This balloon was blown up right behind us and I was able to get a good shot of them lighting it up.