Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sports Spectacle

We had a busy weekend of spectating some sporting events!

 We started downtown at the festivities for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.  They closed down the street, had a huge screen as well as other Olympic activities.  We even got to watch some members of the USA trampoline team do some tricks!

 Rodney Atkins was also there putting on a concert for all the firefighters for their efforts during the wildfire. So we got to listen to some good 'ole country music too!

 It was really fun, especially with our pals Joe & Cara! Addison was a champ as usual and even slept through all the noise. We did have a realization that we need to do more local events!

The next evening, we headed to Denver for a night of baseball at Coors Field with the Rockies! Pre-game we ate at a local pizza place (YUM!) then we headed to the field. I was glad Addi had another chance to wear her baseball outfit. :)

Family pic- we had a fun and relaxing evening! (Even though we ultimately lost the game, it was a good one!)

Jarad's instagram shot- Addison and I!


geri said...

Love it all!!! I know I am super crappy at leaving comments, but please know I stalk you regularly :)

grimefighter said...

Awesome-- love that you made Addi a girl baseball outfit! She is one of the best accessorized babies I know!

Chris.Tarina.Kate.Lucy said...

Love it!! WOAH FOR SO MANY UPDATES!! Please squeeze Ms. Ad's for me! LOVE HER!! and you...and Jar...and sadie too! :) Miss you!!!!

A Guy,A Girl, And a Max said...

Addi looks unbelievably cute in her baseball outfit!!