Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Us Now!

We've had the best fall and have had so many fun, family adventures as of late! Jumping in leaves, going on walks, apple and raspberry farm picking, pumpkins, trick-or-treating with a very zealous 2 yr old, playdates, parks, a few zoo trips and loads of traveling (Washington, Arizona, PA/Baltimore/DC, Kansas)!! Grateful the weather has been so amazing until this week.....brrrrr...I just can't see 7 degrees as a high! Thank you Colorado!

But....needless to say, our dear blog as been severely neglected for a long time! So, I've decided to attempt to catch up over the next few months. Shooting to be caught up by the new year but being realistic that the holidays may delay my goal just slightly. Until then, here is a brief update on us for now!

We are loving all the fun adventures of life and love watching sweet Addison grow and experience everyday life.  She is a spit-fire and keeps us on our toes but is the smartest and sweetest girl! (We may be slightly biased ;)) Currently in the throes of potty-training but thankfully it is going fairly smoothly. Just recently we were able to travel to AZ to visit Addison's birthmom and birthfamily! So grateful that we've developed such an open and loving family relationship with all of them! Watch for the updated posts for more details and lots of pictures of our trip!

Jarad is eagerly searching for his first RN job after passing his boards! YEAH! And I'm try to keep up with Addi and am still zumba-ing regularly.  Sadie is a great dog per her usual and even takes it in stride when Addi wants to hold her or carry her around.

We hope soon to be able to add to our little family and pray often to be directed in our path to a new agency (LDS Family Services is no longer doing adoption for those of you who don't know.) as well as to be connected with another birthmom.  We love adoption even though it can be a hard road. We have been forever blessed by it and we can't wait for Addison to be a big sister!

Anyway- that is a VERY brief update on our life!

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