Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mommy & Me at the Zoo

Just after Addison was born, we got an annual membership to the zoo, which is one of my favorite places! Seriously...we have the best zoo! And we have a lot of family and friends who also have memberships so we have fun play dates. :)

 Addi isn't too into the animals yet, but she likes to get out and about and I'm sure as she gets bigger she'll love it as much as I do, especially since we go at least once a month!

 My favorite bird- the peacock...I tried to get it to open it's feathers but it wouldn't.

 We had a blast with cousin Reise- look at that smile- just wanna squeeze her!

 Friends Amber & Amelia at the budgy birds- one landed on her shoulder and stayed until Amelia reached up and got her tail feathers! HA!

 Lindsey caught a bird to feed too but Penelope wasn't too sure about them up close.

 My other favorite animals and one of my favorite spots at the zoo- the giraffes! Lori & Reise feeding them (isn't rad that you can get so close to them?!).
 Penelope loved the giraffes too except when their slimy tongues kept getting her.

Addison and I- such a fun afternoon!

(not to mention a good workout pushing the stroller all over the mountainside)