Monday, July 9, 2012

Special Visitor!

Drum roll please....our special visitor was....our BIRTHMOM! We're so lucky to have such a great relationship with our birthmom and were SOOO excited to have her come visit for the weekend. One bummer of the weekend- Jarad had to work part of it but we still had a wonderful visit and can't wait for our next visit.

 Baseball is big in Addison's birth family so we thought it'd be fun to go to a game! Birthmom and I did some shopping and even found an outfit for Addi. (It's a boy onesie but we put a skirt with it and a bow and voila!- girl baseball outfit!)

 Sorry it's blurry, but it was pretty windy! Jar, birthmom and I

 Love her so much! We had such a fun weekend! (I need to work on my chin position in pics- as to avoid the double as featured here!)

Wind and a bit of rain didn't keep us away, but it did keep Addi bundled up! Snug as a bug in a rug!

 Mom and Dad and...

 Kevin, Lori & Reise joined us for the game as well.

The next day, the darn rain continued so the Zoo was a bust but after driving around town, we found a fun bowling alley and went to play!

 The ladies (minus me)...

 Jarad & I- just love him!

 Check out my sweet bowling form! Not to mention my outfit is awesome- the bowling shoes really go with the skirt. N.o.T.!

 Addi took a nice little nap even in the load bowling alley.

 A tradition continued- Chipotle! It is a favorite of all of ours!

 Baby girl got lots of snuggles and clothes from her birthmom and family- including an adorable Minnie Mouse outfit direct from Disneyland!

 I'm who?! Minnie Mouse has nothin' on me!

 Our birthmom seriously has become a part of our family and I know that our families love her as we do! Family dinner and games and lots of laughs and a semi-decent timer pic. :)

Jarad, Addison, Birthmom and I at the airport. Much to our chagrin, our weekend had to come to an end. Tears were shed but so grateful for a fabulous visit!!!