Thursday, July 19, 2012


Jarad loves golf. It's his thing, his "man-time," his stress relief, etc. 
Sometimes he plays 9 holes and sometimes he just hits the range for a bucket of balls. But recently, we made it a family affair!

 Reise loving roaming in the grass at the range.

 Mom and Addison were spectators that evening.

 The men-folk tried to give us some swinging lessons. Kev workin' it with Lori.

 Jarad kept telling me to stick out my buns- my form was not very good and I couldn't stop laughing.

 I finally got a couple of decent swings in... still in bad form apparently.

 Dad got to focus on his swing since Mom was spectating. They are taking lessons this summer so they've been getting lots of practice.

 After a bit, we left the balls to the men. Kevin's out!

Jarad in action!

Although our g-swing was less than stellar, we had a fabulous family evening!

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A Guy,A Girl, And a Max said...

Your face is priceless in the 1st picture of you two! LOL Good times!